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Friday, July 2, 2010

Grocery Shopping... I'm so sick of it!

Is anyone else having problems with grocery stores around them?  It seems lately everytime I go shopping I have an issue or some weird thing that happens, at just about every chain- Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, Kmart...

Let's see- butter with moldy packages, baby food jars with the lids popped open, bad meat, fresh fruit that isn't fresh!

Seriously what's going on... why do us as consumers have to constantly check expiration dates or make sure it hasn't already been opened?!  I understand we should look at what we're buying, but when you go shopping with 3 young kids it sometimes comes down to just putting it in the cart.

Isn't that what the store employees are for?  I'm not getting paid to shop there... which also brings me to the fact that after hours, I think it's 11pm, Meijer closes all registers except for the U-Scan.  So not only do you have to double check all your food to make sure it's not bad, you also have to ring and bag all your own groceries because that happens to be the time that you could get to the grocery store!  UGH!!

And then when you do get something bad, you have to decide whether to spend the time & gas to go back to the store and return/exchange it or just throw it out and waste the money!!  I feel like I'm spending more & more for less quality & poor customer service.  Please step it up big grocery store chains... I need to buy food for my family and I'm running out of options on where to buy it!



Sarah from Little Giggles said...

I hear ya there! For instance, I bought a peanut butter (with honey) that was so hard I couldn't even stir it. The container said right on it that the product would separate, but come on... so I went online and commented to the Smuckers website, and they sent me a note back telling me that the problem was common, and that they were sorry. When I read that, I could not believe they didn't offer me a refund. So I took photos of the hard chunks of nastiness that were in the jar, and they sent me two coupons for new product. There we go! But yes, it's almost like every major chain everywhere is short staffed. It is about the profit in America, not the quality. Those providers who can provide good quality services and goods on a regular basis are sometimes either lucky or soon-to-be out of business! :-) I always enjoy your articles, Susan. If you aren't opposed to more readers, why don't you place a link to your site in Cafe Mom? Maybe on a signature that you use in the posts? Maybe in a post itself? You definitely have some writing talent. :-)

Marvelous Mommy said...

I know what you mean! Publix is a little bit more expensive but it's totally worth it. They have GREAT customer service!

Tennessee Mom said...

I know exactly what you mean. I was in a MAJOR grocery chain last month buying some heavy cream. Of course, I *always* check the expiration dates on dairy products and the first one they had on the front of the shelf had expired two weeks prior!

I grabbed that one and a fresh one and gave the bad one to the checkout clerk who then sighed, rolled her eyes with a very put-upon "okay" and started to set it to the side. I could just hear the "What-ever" going through her mind.

I told her nevermind and could I have it back. I then took it to the Manager with an explanation of the cashier's reply. At least the Manager had the sense to realize how dangerous that was.

Kelleyhausen said...

That is so true! I think they know we will not hike all the way back there to take back a juice box that has been opened and that we will just throw it away and move on. It is sooooo irritating!

KIM said...

Yes I just had a problem. I bought a tub of butter got home and the plastic covering that should be there when you open the lid was gone. And its like I am not going to load up 4 kids again and go back to the store, so it just got thrown away.

I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog


Midnite Skys said...

As someone that works in a grocery store I have defend some stores. Yes it seems like we are slipping in checking the expiration dates (I have had that happen to me but I took it back without grandbaby- I have that luxury)
BUT we also have had a great time lately with all the recalls and economy tanking. They have cut hours but expect you to "pick up the extra work" It can't be done! We have less hours to work with and yet expected to do the work without the help. the department where I work last year at this time we had 3 more people a day then we have working now!

BUT I do have to say as a costumer I find many places have not drilled into the employees heads that service means more patronage! equals more sales equals more hours equals more money for them. Sad to say even my co-workers and I were talking about that today. I refuse to go to the other store right next to the store I work at because of the workers. I mean to ring me out listening to a I-pod???? Ask me if I really am ready to ring out... NO I put this stuff on the register belt to admire it....... Grrrrr
IF I find someone to ring me out. Talking about the people walking around the sales floor with a cell phone texting or talking n the store phone to friends. Oh you can tell when they are talking about the great party they are going to...

Guess the thing is I see both sides.........

Joann said...

Boy I sure know what you mean. Its hard enough trying to get everything done quickly, but people who dont do their jobs are just aggravating! My heart goes out to you, Ive been through it many times.

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