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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tasty Fiber... Eat with Caution!

I decided to try Kellogg's 'Fiber plus Antioxidants' bars (they were on sale at Meijer last week).  I purchased the Chocolatey Peanut Butter ones and they tasted great!  You wouldn't even know they were packed full of fiber... if it didn't say '35% of your daily fiber' on the package!  Just be sure to also read the small print on the back of the bar wrapper (this may be on the back of the box too but I threw it out already):
NEW USER: Increase your fiber intake gradually. Gastrointestinal discomfort may occur until your body adjusts.
Um yeah, I didn't see this until after I had a bar the first day and then another one the very next day.  OUCH!  Talk about some stomach pains!  Don't let this happen to you... read those labels!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cleaning 101

Ok so I'm not quite a neat freak, and no my house isn't spotless, but I want to become more scheduled with my cleaning routine.  Some of these I do already... and some I plan to start doing.  I have found that if I start the day off on the right foot it carries into the rest of the day & sometimes the rest of the week.  I also feel more peaceful and relaxed to have the house neat & tidy.  So take a peek and see if there's something you can start implementing into your daily routine.  I think if you start with one at a time then slowly build onto each one, eventually you'll be in the habit of doing them daily and can enjoy your household a little more.

  1. Make the bed first thing in the morning
  2. Clean the counters & kitchen sink before bed
  3. Do the dishes/ load dishwasher before bed
  4. Unload dishrack/dishwasher in the morning
  5. Sweep floors before bed

I think just doing those 5 seemingly simple tasks regularly, can smooth the transition into the rest of your cleaning regiment and result in a more relaxed YOU.  Because who wants to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes?!  And hopefully it'll allow me to get a schedule for doing the laundry as well.  I'm going to start picking a couple specific days a week, with a blocked off time frame just for washing & drying, then another time frame for folding & putting away.  Of course sometimes life will get in the way... and that's okay too.  Happy Cleaning!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chance to win an iPad... I'm so there!!

I’m participating in a contest at Best Kids Apps, a blog about iPhone apps for kids, for a chance to win an iPad.  And wow, who wouldn't want one of these bad boys... they're awesome (well other than the price).  But if it could be won instead of bought.... uh yeah, I'm all over it!!  This would be an amazing Mother's Day gift for myself.  We only have one computer and it's tough trying to share with everyone in the family.  My hubby and I both use it frequently throughout the day and our 4 yr. old likes to play games at Nickjr.com.
My hubby does have an Iphone that the whole family pretty much shares also.  We love all the different apps for it.  It's great to be able to check my email while we're out and about or look up directions to somewhere.  Our 4 yr. old loves playing Pac-Man & iBowl and both of the oldest girls love using the Doodle Kids App.  I didn't realize how many different apps there were for kids though, until I took a look around Best Kids Apps.  For each different app they write a detailed review with a letter Grade, Age Rating, & the price.  You can quickly find apps for any age group (up to age 12) and even a separate list of all the ones that are FREE!  This is a great site and an awesome giveaway!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Plans

Well this was supposed to be my first Weekend Wind Down post but I couldn't get the MckLinky list to work (SIGH) so I'm a little bummed.  :(  But here's my post anyway and hopefully I'll have it figured out by next weekend!

Well first off, our plans for this weekend hopefully include lots of sleep!  Ok I wrote this yesterday and NO I did not sleep in, I was up at 8:30am.  With staying up late blogging I have felt pretty cranky throughout the day lately.  Also our weather here for this weekend is supposed to be rainy (perfect sleep-in weather).  So after a long night of sleep (NOT), I'll be heading to the local library with my oldest daughter.  We visited last week during National Library Week and entered in their book giveaways.  Well to my surprise they called us a couple days ago and said my 4 year old's name had been drawn!  How excited was she!  So we'll be picking up the books she won, returning some of the ones we have here now, and getting different ones to keep my 2 year old interested.  I have also been wanting to start a new book but haven't had much luck with finding one (I like authors like Dean Koontz). Ok, I ended up getting 3 for myself and will post later if they're blog-worthy.
After the library, we'll of course come home for lunch and then probably spend the afternoon coloring & playing games... and of course reading our new books!  At some point this weekend, either Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, we'd like to take the girls to the YMCA.  We've gone one other time as a whole family and it was quite a feat!  Thank God for lifeguards 'cause we had 3 young kids in the water with 2 adults.  It worked out fine though, I held the baby and my hubby had our 2 yr. old.  Our oldest had on a life vest and we made sure she stayed close to at least one of us.  Well we didn't go today so hopefully tomorrow afternoon.

In between those accomplishments, I'd like to just be able to keep up with the daily 'blah'- dishes and laundry!  Oh, and maybe the hubby and I can finally watch the movie Avatar (I know we're about the last people on the planet to watch it).  Well for now, I'm off to bed... hopefully my weekend goes as planned.  Umm, NOPE!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quality time w/ the girls

What a GORGEOUS DAY!!  Mild 55° & sunny... perfect for hanging out in the backyard.  The hubby cut the grass (it was starting to look like the backyard in 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids') and then... play time!!  All the usual- bike riding in the driveway, blowing bubbles, swinging, sliding, and... helicopter rides (1st time for the girls- just the 2 & 4 yr. old of course).  They loved it!!  And you remember the best part- when you fall down after getting all dizzy from spinning around!  Oh, the memories from when I was young!  Then we came in the house to wash hands, I turned on the radio and it was playing 'I Gotta Feeling' by the Black Eyed Peas.  I could not resist cranking it up and dancing around like a maniac with the girls.  It was the perfect end to a perfect afternoon... and then we sat down and ate dinner... perfect!

Five Question Friday

 I'm linking up with Mama M. for this weeks 5QF.  Here are the questions:

1. What was the first car you owned?

Ah, my 1988 Dodge Aries (K-car).  My dad gave me this when I was a junior in High School ('95), mainly so I could tote my younger brothers & sisters back & forth to daycare.

2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to?

Hmm, I'm NOT embarrassed (*blush) but I know the words to some oldie but goodies like 'Ice, Ice Baby' by Vanilla Ice & 'Straight Up' by Paula Abdul!

3. Have you ever had stitches?

NO... ok, reading another post made me remember (I try to block it out) that I can't completely say no to this.  I did give birth afterall- so YES, I had to have stitches after my first baby, but none with the next two (Yay).

4. What was your first job?

While in High School I started working part-time at Farmer Jack- cart & bag girl... then I moved up to cashier.  Go me!  Sadly, they are no longer in business.

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?  Has to be Elmo... just 'cuz my girls all love him!

My New Favorite Pair of Jeans

   Ok, I don't know about anybody else but I have a love/hate relationship with shopping... I love to buy new things, but I hate going thru the grueling process of trying everything on only to have most of it not fit!  Or worse yet, actually buying it then getting it home and not being totally happy with it!!

   So about a month ago I went on a marathon shopping trip to try and find some new jeans (since I only had 1 pair that fit after giving birth to my daughter 6 months ago).  Unfortunately, for me and for everyone else, we went out as a family the first day.  So me, my hubby, and our 3 girls (4 yr. old, 2 yr. old, & 6 mos. old) all packed up in the mini-van and hit the stores.

   We checked Kohl's first (no luck) then headed over to the mall.  In the mall we started with Macy's (I think we were in this store the longest) and then quickly went thru Sears & JcPenney.  Throughout this time the kids moods were steadily declining.... they started complaining of being hot, hungry, bored, tired!  So actually making it through 4 stores with 3 kids was an accomplishment in itself, the fact that I didn't find anything that fit right was a disaster.

   I guess I should back up slightly to explain my problem with jeans.  I'm a small person- average height & thin.  My waist is tiny- small enough to fit junior sizes but my thighs need more room than most junior fit jeans allow for.  So if the jeans fit in the waist they are usually too tight in the thigh, and if they fit in the thigh then the waist is too big.  By the end of the day of shopping, I was exhausted and almost beginning to think I was going to have to make a compromise and settle for either too tight in the thigh or wear a belt!

   Well the next day, my sister had come into town, and I decided to try my luck again.  But this time just her and I went out shopping while my crazy wonderful husband stayed home with the girls.  We decided to head back up to the mall and go through all the rest of the stores that I hadn't made it to on the first day.

   We started with Younkers where I found a good prospect, but wasn't completely happy with how they fit... and they cost about $75 (ouch)!  So I left without buying them and we continued on with the search.  We came to a store called Maurices and we almost didn't go in.  I said, 'I probably won't find anything in there', but we decided we should give it a shot anyway.  Well, lo and behold, right off the bat I found a pair of awesome fitting jeans!  They were perfect... and only $29!!  I couldn't believe it... it seemed too good to be true!  I thought for sure after getting them home they would somehow not fit anymore or that they'd shrink themselves in the wash.  But here we are, a month later, and I still LOVE them.  They make me feel great when I put them on- you know those fave pair of jeans you have that make your butt look good... well these are mine!!

       Taylor Dark Wash, Bootcut


Thursday, April 22, 2010

BBC Earth Explorer

In honor of Earth Day, I found this interactive widget on BBC Earth from the makers of Planet Earth.  It's a way to get 'up close & personal' with this planet we call home!  It offers cool, interesting facts & awesome pictures- take a peek!  Our Earth... Handle With Care!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Feedback

For those that can remember my old blog background & header... is this new one easier to read, cuter, less distracting, etc.?  Or should I put back up the original ones?  I do need to edit the header colors, but other than that I'm kind of torn...
I'd love any feedback... whether you like or dislike it!
Thanks so much for the feedback... I decided to keep the original header but with the new background for now.  :)

Big Girl Bed!

   So my 2 yr. old (the one that likes to sleep naked) has now graduated to a toddler bed!  She decided to climb out of her crib a few nights ago, thus immediately upgrading herself to the 'big girl' bed.  For her 1st night trying it out she fell asleep with no problem, only for us to hear 2 hours later... THUD... my poor baby oops, I mean 'big girl' fell out of the bed (those darn sides- they're too short)!! 
   After a long while being held and rocked by mommy (while checking for lumps on her head) she settled back down, and we decided to put her back in the crib for the rest of the night (better safe than sorry).  Then it came to me- the brilliant idea to take one of the bed rails off our 4 yr. olds bed (they're the extra long Summer Infant pink ones) and put it on the toddler bed.
   So now they both have 1 side of the bed up against the wall and the other side has a bed rail... HOORAY for mommy  (yeah, not so brilliant coming up with this plan AFTER my daughter fell out of the bed).  In any event, the problem is solved... no more kids falling out of bed (just poor little stuffed animals falling between the bed and the wall to lie with the dust bunnies)!!  Sleep tight little ones!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting to Know YOU...

You can participate over at Mann Land 5.

1. Mens chests..hairy or hairless?

Hairless, but a little bit is ok.

2. How often do you run red lights?

Never, if I can help it.

3. If you could raid any celebrity's closet..whose would you raid?

I really love Jennifer Aniston, and since I think we're similar builds, I'd definitely love to go through her closet.

4. Would you rather have more followers/friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your Blog?

Well since I don't Twitter, and rarely Facebook, definitely my Blog.

5. What makes you feel sexy?

When my hair is done & makeup's on (at least mascara)... I can be in grungy clothes but if my face looks good I can still feel sexy.

6. I get excited when...........?

Hmm, when my girls are having fun; when I get something new (ie. shirt, shoes, purse); when hubby and get some 'alone time'.  ;)

7. Are you the "outdoorsy" type or more "indoorsy"?

Uh yeah, mostly indoorsy for sure, but I love going to the park with my girls, beach, bbq's etc.  Just not outdoorsy as in 'getting close to nature'.
8. Would you rather have your dream home or a million dollars?

A million dollars, without question.  I could buy my dream house and so much more...


Ode to Mr. Coffee

Is that you Mr. Coffee, off in the dark?                                                   
I need you, I need my spark.

Without you, where would I be?
Well still in bed, probably

I fill the water, put in a filter.
Without you, I'd be out of kilter.

Add in the coffee, start to brew.
Now just waiting for you to be through.

But wait, what was that sound?
You've never done that when I'm around.

Oh please Mr. Coffee, don't fail me now.
I couldn't go on, I wouldn't know how!

We've been together for so long.
You've never once done me wrong.

So please, just one more day.
I need you, won't you stay?

What's that, you're almost done?
Oh you did it, thanks a ton!

I never really had any doubt.
Honestly, what was all the fuss about?

Now on to Mrs. Coffee-mate.
I believe my coffee & you have a date.

Ah, so creamy & so sweet.
You are such a delightful treat.

So thank you both, I don't know what else to say.
Well I guess I'm off to begin my day!

But wait one last thing, so you've had fair warning...
I'll be back first thing in the morning!


Post Dividers

Ok, trying out some post dividers... hope they turn out and look nice (hope I can figure out how to add them to my blog).  I found these ones online @ Mommy Moment.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

No more naps!

   For the past week, my toddler has decided she no longer wants to take a nap.  She just turned 2 less than a month ago and now she wants nothing to do with napping during the day.  Her busy, growing mind and body have too much going on to possibly be interested in a boring much needed nap.
   Now really, at this point, naps were as much for her as they were for me... my sanity almost depends on it!  That was my mommy time, away from the terrible two's; my break from her non-stop 'Go.. Go.. Go' personality.  So I am devastated by this new development!  And no matter what I try- another story, soft music, more stuffed animals in her bed- she will not give in and fall asleep.  So, for now, she is winning the battle of the wills... but I am putting her to bed earlier at night (who's winning now, huh?!).

Join the After Party!

I know, as if the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 itself, hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom, wasn't insane enough... now they're having an After Party!  I am so glad I started blogging when I did- being a part of the UBP made my intro into the blogging community so much fun.  I had an awesome time this past week blog hopping through the wee hours of the night (um, is 4am too late to be blogging).  And yes, after my first night I did feel like I had a 'blog hangover', as another blogger put it so well, but it was all worth it!  And I think I may be addicted to Smore's Pop Tarts (that was my 'midnight snack' throughout the week, though sometimes it was eaten at 1 or 2am).  But I met so many fabulous bloggers with amazing sites, below is just a small peek at some blogs worth checking out:

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm honored to accept...

 ...my very 1st blogger award!  Thank you so much Amy from A Foodie Fairytale for presenting me with the "Kreativ Blogger Award".  I am still a newbie, with less than a month under my belt, so this award means a lot to me!  I'm happy others are noticing my new found love for blogging... it's nice to be recognized!

So here are some things you may not know about me- 'Susie B. Homemaker':
  1. I'm the 3rd girl in a family of 9 kids (6 girls, 3 boys)
  2. I've lived in 6 states (some for as few as a couple mos.)
  3. I had a moment of insanity jumped out of an airplane once (I was 18)
  4. I don't like to swim underwater (slight phobia maybe, I don't like holding my breath)
  5. I had 2 kids with no pain meds & my 3rd, well... she was 9 lbs. (need I say more)
  6. My favorite pop (yes, I'm from the north) is Dr. Pepper
  7. We don't have pets (we have kids) :p

Ok, so in order to accept this award there are some rules one must abide by...
The Kreativ Blogger Award Rules:

1. Post the award.
2. Thank and mention the person who gave you the award.
3. Pass the award on to seven blogs who you think embody the spirit of the Kreativ Blogger Award.
4. Name seven things about yourself that others don't know.
5. Don't forget to notify your seven Bloggers about their award and post a link to their blog.

When I first read the rules I thought, 'Ugh, I have to pick 7 blogs?!'... and then after looking through all the awesome blog possibilities I thought, 'Ugh, I can only pick 7 blogs?!'.  So there are many more deserving of this award but here are my 7, in no particular order other than alphabetically by name (who me, a neat freak perfectionist), that I think are 'Kreativ' & worth taking a peek at:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's all around us... take some time to enjoy it!

I'm talking about Nature, the topic of 'Talkin' About Thursdays' over at My Cup 2 Yours.  After you read my post head on over there for more links to some great stories by some great bloggers!

So here's some pictures I took when we visited some loved ones up in Sebewaing, Michigan back in August of '09.  It was so beautiful there... lots of birds, deer, flowers, cows, horses, apple trees.  There was something to see everyday we went out.  Hope the pics make you feel as though you were there.  We hope to go back sometime this summer!

             Yellow flower amidst greenery
                                                  Horses waiting to be fed apples & carrots

                                                                                     Bird in the mist

                    Duck flying across the water

TBS- No, not the tv channel

   Trikes, Bikes, & Strollers- they were everywhere today!  With the weather as beautiful as it was (sunny & mild) many people headed outdoors, including our family.  We had a wonderful afternoon with our 3 kiddos.  We started in the backyard- swings, slide, sidewalk chalk; then decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood before dinner.

   The baby was in the stroller looking absolutely adorable in her sun hat.  The toddler on her princess tricycle that she just got for her 2nd Birthday, and our big girl (4 yrs. old) on her Dora bike, still with the training wheels on but getting more courageous every day. 

   The kids loved getting out of the house and the hubby and I enjoyed some quality time together strolling with our 3 princesses.  And the added benefits, besides the fresh air:  the girls were hungry when we got back to the house so they ate all their dinner, and the baby ended up falling asleep on the stroll so she took a nice long nap (which she rarely does since she is my cat napper, but the walk put her right out).  I think we'll be making these neighborhood strolls, at the least, a weekly family event, now that the weather has finally warmed up.  Tomorrow's forecast:  Mostly sunny & 77°

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Disappearing Comments...

So if you notice your comment got deleted off my 'Blog Button' or 'Business2Blogger' posts it's not because I thought they were offensive... or even did it on purpose!  I switched back from a comment program I was trying out and when I went back to my old format it deleted all of the new comments.  So I apologize to anyone who had their comment deleted- I had read them all already and did appreciate themThanks for understanding!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Well, since I've started blogging (just a few short weeks ago) I've been blog hopping and come across tons of great blogs... and a lot of these have really cool product reviews/giveaways.  This is something I'd love for my blog!  So while doing my blog hopping I came across a blog with a post on Business2Blogger, so figured I'd check them out. 

Their website is super easy to use... and it's FREE!  You can join as a blogger or as a business, then Business2Blogger brings the two together.  Here's a snippet from their site:
We Connect Businesses with Bloggers.  Blogger meet Business.  Business meet Blogger.  Introductions made freely.  Literally...free.
I am so excited to be starting on this new endeavor and hope you'll all come along for the ride and see how it goes!

Business 2 Blogger

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Button

Ok, I've been trying all night to make a button for my blog.  I'm really hoping this one works (cross your fingers).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Won, I Won!!

Ok, what a great way to start off the week long Ultimate Block Party!  As I was blog hopping, meeting some great ladies & viewing some really cute blogs, I came across Girly Girl Giveaways!  Right off the bat I loved her blog, since of course we have a house full of girls ourselves.  :)  And because she has a ton of drawings & giveaways.  I entered a prize drawing and actually won!  I never win anything... no really, never!  So this was a such a great surprise when I found out I won the drawing for 100% Pure body cream.  Thank you so much Girly Girl Giveaways- You Rock!!

BWS tips button

Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Blog Party!

Ok, here goes... this is my 1st ever blog party (how exciting)!  It's the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom and is running from April 9- 16th.

So what makes a great party?
  1. Friends & Family (can't really have a party by yourself)
  2. Food (hungry guests are cranky guests)
  3. Music, Games, or Entertainment (no one wants to stand around twiddling their thumbs)
If you're throwing a party at your house I think a comfortable number of guests is 6-8 (but in the case of the UBP- the more the merrier).  You always want to have an even number so that for games noone is left out.  Party food should include lots of finger foods (preferably non-greasy)- chips n dip, fruit tray, nuts, meat n cheese.  And don't forget some sweets also- brownies, m&m's, cookies, etc.  And of course, you need an assortment of beverages, everything from water & pop to beer & liquor... or just make it BYOB.  Some of my favorite party games are Guesstures, Scene it?, & Guitar Hero.  Also love playing cards- euchre, spades, & cribbage.

Hmm, all this talk about party necessities is making we want to throw a party at my house... have to talk to the hubby about that one.  Have a great day everyone & hope you enjoy the Ultimate Blog Party 2010!

Oh, and I would love to have any of the prizes available, but here's my top picks:
USC 3-$50 Target gift card by Peggy Gorman
USC 39- $50 Paypal cash prize by MomDot
USC 15- $50 Target gift card by Haley Quarles
#39- Be My Guest Cert. ($250 value) 2 night stay for a family of 4 at any Hilton Garden Inn
#113- $25 Walmart Gift Card by Susan Stahley
32- $25 Target Gift Card by The Frugal Novice
49- $25 Starbucks Gift Card by Janice Yurek
51- Lillebaby Everywear Carrier by Scandanavian Child 
77- Baby Banz Sunglasses & UV Sun Hat w/ sunscreen by Baby Banz Inc.

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

  I have always been a Night Owl, thru & thru.  I hate to get up early & love to stay up late!  Any outings, activities, or appointments are always scheduled in the afternoons whenever possible.  Even our 4 yr. old is on the afternoon schedule at school- she's in the Young 4's p.m. class.  We don't do mornings at this house!

Though it isn't always easy with a baby, toddler, & preschooler since they like to wake up whenever.  So there are times I end up being a Night Owl and then an Early Bird the very next morning... grrr!  Most of the time though the kids are on our schedule and tend to stay up slightly later & sleep in 'til about 10 am or so.  Except for the baby who generally wakes up at 8am but then after feeding goes right back to sleep.  Ah, a sleeping baby is a beautiful baby!  

But this brings up a terrifying thought about when our oldest starts going to school all day.  What are we going to do?  How are we going to get her to school in the morning?  We are going to have to completely switch our routine around.  I'm not sure it can be done... and trust me, if you knew us, you'd probably agree (we're habitually late for everything!).

I think I see in our daughter's future multiple late & tardy passes and us having to explain to the teacher & principal why she doesn't make it to school on time.  GULP!!  Thankfully this won't be starting this fall, as Kindergarten is a half day too (thank you Jesus!), so she'll be on the afternoon schedule again.  And that leaves us a year & a half to get our you-know-what together!     

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My toddler likes to sleep naked!

  Yes it's true, my 2 yr. old will strip down- pjs, diaper & all- and go au naturel every chance she gets!  During the day she's more conservative and usually just takes her pants off and leaves her diaper on, but at nap & bedtime all bets are off.

  We lay her down to sleep (fully clothed) and shortly after we leave the room... she frees herself.  We tried at one point even putting her pjs on backward so she didn't have easy access to the zipper.  That worked for a little while but then she started pulling Houdini stunts and wiggling out of them. 

  So now, she's back to wearing her pjs frontward and still takes them off whenever possible.  We have gone back in to check on her before heading to bed ourselves and there she lay, naked as the day she was born.  This is completely adorable to see, and gives my hubby and I a good laugh while we redress her, but it's not ideal when she isn't potty trained yet!  So next step.... potty training here we come!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Timeout for Mommy!

   There are some days in raising 3 young girls that I feel like pulling my hair out or banging my head against a wall... about 500 times!!  And it's times like these when putting a child in timeout is just not enough.  The only thing that takes the stress away is to put yourself into timeout!  I've learned that it's okay (as long as kids are safe) to walk away and close myself into another room.  Just to take a short break, a breather... anything so I don't explode!

   My girls are my life & I love them beyond anything I could ever imagine but I tell you- they seem to know just how to push my buttons!  The oldest two don't know how to share and are always fighting over toys, the youngest needs to be held on an almost constant basis & doesn't take naps.  She's a cat-napper which makes it really hard to get anything done during the day.  So there are days, like earlier today, when I go into the bathroom or bedroom & shut the door.  The kids are safely in the baby-proofed living room watching Dora (or some other kid-friendly program)... and I am getting my sanity back!   

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring is in the air!

    Ah, splendid spring!  When the birds & bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, & the kids can start playing outside again!  Now that the weather is finally warm, the girls want to be out in the yard whenever possible- playing on the swingset, blowing bubbles, riding bikes.  All the things they are deprived of during the winter time.  They are so excited to be out in the grass, frolicking with the bugs (oh yes, those bugs are out in full force already).  And finally, for the 1st time this season, my husband is uncovering the grill!  Oh the delicious hamburgers, steaks, and hot dogs... I can almost smell them.  So bring on the warm weather- we'll be enjoying it while it lasts!!  Since those in Michigan know that it could turn back to winter temps. at any time unexpectedly!  HAPPY SPRING!!