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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Planning 1st Birthday Party... already!!

Aaahhh, where does the time go?  My 3rd beautiful baby girl is 10 mos. old already, and I am now starting to think ahead to the all-important 1st birthday party.  Planning a birthday party is no easy task and each one is special, but for those milestone ages especially, we want to make sure everything is just perfect.  As perfect as an event for a bunch of kids can be that is.  There's the decorations/theme to pick out, invitations, birthday outfit, the cake, and of course the gifts!

I think I actually have some party supplies left over from previous birthdays, pink & white, that I can build off of for the decor.  Invitations- I usually print them myself but may decide to use a company online.  And I do already have a couple party dresses for her- just have to narrow it down to THE one.  The cake, I will probably make myself like I have for the other 2 girls.  And the gifts.... this is a tough one!

Having two older sisters, our youngest has pretty much everything she needs in just about every department- clothes, shoes, toys, etc.  But still, you don't want every item to be a hand-me-down... some things should be unique for each girl.  So I'm looking at more clothes (a girl can never have too many), some cups & bowls, & some of these cool wooden toys.  I especially love these four:

Melissa & Doug
Busy Bee High Chair Toy           &        Peek-a-Boo Barn

      Melissa & Doug
Happy Hippo Pull Toy 

 Imagiplay Veggie
    Cutting Set

There's something so classic about wooden toys.  They remind me of back in the day (no I'm not that old, but old enough) and how things, and toys, were much simpler.  I think these would be perfect for her 1st birthday, and I know all of our girls would enjoy at least one of the above toys so that's a bonus.

Any 1st birthday gift ideas?  What did you get, or plan on getting, your little one on their big day?

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→Daniele← said...

My baby girl turns 1 in just a couple of weeks and my other daughter turned 3 yesterday. Their party is Sat and I can hardly stand it that my baby is turning 1!! =) Check my blog for a pic of the amazing dollhouse we got them for their birthdays (though my 1 yr old can't play with it quite yet:) )

→Daniele← said...

thanks and happy birthday to your daughter too! :)
Here is one other thing we got her for her bday...she also has hand me down clothes and stuff from big sis but this is something special just for her and it's unique... and yes it is a splurge, but my older daughter has one of these too and they are the BEST, we use it ALL of the time! =) Seriously, best sunhat ever and they girls look SO adorable in them. Oh, here's the link :)


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I love 1st birthdays - they are SO special! We got the girls some fun little toys - I love wooden toys too, and I think a dollhouse is a great idea! Birthdays are just so fun!

blueviolet said...

Oh wow, I think I got her some push and pull type toys. I love first birthdays!

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