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Monday, January 31, 2011

Romantic Getaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being married for over 12 years and the parent's of 3 young kids, I can tell you that my husband and I could definitely use a weekend getaway.  With Valentine's Day coming up, then his birthday, and then our Anniversary after that, the reasons for taking a special getaway with just the two of us are plenty.

The Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel offer a great romantic package for the whole month of February- perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day in a special way this year.  During your stay you'll enjoy:

  • Early check-in & pre-registration upon request
  • In room sparkling wine (where permitted by law) or cider upon arrival
  • Access to hotel health club, pool, and whirlpool spa
  • Full American breakfast for two in their room 
  • On stays beyond one night, buy one entree and get one free (of equal or lesser value)
  • Late check-out available upon request

I would love to be able to getaway for the weekend before Valentine's Day- being wined and dined at a luxurious hotel would be absolutely fabulous!  And check out their Valentine's Day Dinner Menu... it sounds delicious.  Even though I'm not sure a getaway is feasible for next month, I'll definitely be thinking ahead to our Anniversary in April.

Do you go big when you celebrate Valentine's Day with your sweetie?  When was the last time you took a romantic getaway together... and where would you go if you could?

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The Many Names of a Toddler

If you have a toddler, you more than likely call them many names throughout the day in addition to their actual name.  No I'm not implying you're swearing at your toddler all day long, though you may be saying those words in your head.  I'm talking about those devil-child sweet nicknames that almost all terrible two year olds are Also Known As (AKA):
  • Swiper                                  
  • Pick-Pocket
  • Mess Maker
  • Lil Monster
  • Destroyer
    Unless it's just my toddlers??  Well a 16 mos. old toddler and an almost 3 year old (so almost considered a preschooler).  I think at least a hundred ok 5 times a day, I have to go looking for my cell phone.  Only to find it hiding amongst their toys... swiped once again by the masters of sneakiness and the "I-get-what-I want-when-I-want-it" little people. 
    Or when I get up in the morning and my almost 3 year old has gotten up before me and decided to squeeze the toothpaste all over the bathroom wall. The same almost 3 year old then takes her toy drum and uses it as a stool to reach the snack bowl on the counter to eat chocolate for breakfast.  And the 16 month old who screams whenever you take something from her, even if it belongs to you (ahem, my cell phone)!

    Of course, I can't just list all the above AKA's without looking at the flip side of the coin, or should I say the split personality of toddlers (which can change within a split second sometimes).  They can also be (when they want to): 

    • Giggles
    • Cuddle Bug 
    • Love-a-Lot 
    • Sweet Pea 

    • Mommy's Angel 
    As many times as they make me want to rip out my hair or scream my head off, they also melt my heart when I see their sweet smiles.  I love my two crazy kiddos!

    Are you in the 'I have a Terrible 2 yr. old' Club?  What are some of your 'terms of endearment' at this oh so lovely stage?

    Sunday, January 30, 2011

    Get Rid of Unwanted House Guests

    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Victor Pest. All opinions are 100% mine.

    In this case, 'unwanted house guest' is anything of the furry variety, and I'm not talking about your hairy Uncle Art... I'm talking about rodents!  Those unpleasant little things that live in your walls and scurry around your home, eating and pooping and leaving a mess behind them.  Trust me, they're not fun... and I should know, we've had our fair share of mice in the house.


    Victor has been in the business of rodent control since 1890, that's over 100 years of expertise.  Beginning with the invention of the spring-loaded Victor mouse trap, they're a trusted brand name you know you can count on.  They carry a full line of products that efficiently rid you of your mouse problem and that are non-toxic so they're safe for kids and pets.  Victor has both economical electronic traps and powerful electronic pest control devices to assist you in preventing and eradicating those pesky pests from your home.

    The Victor Electronic Traps are:

    • Safe to use around children
    • 100% efficacy
    • Humane
    • No see- No touch solution

    Victor PestChasers are:

    • Kinder than traps, safer than poison, and no dead rodents to dispose of
    • Sound emitted from device is completely inaudible to humans and pets
    • Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6- 10 days
    • Life of unit is estimated 5- 7 years or more
    • The only repellents backed by third-party laboratory research and exhaustive field tests


    Uploaded with Skitch!

    They have a special promotion going right now on the Victor Protect Your Space Combo Kit for $99.99 and FREE shipping.  The kit includes the following:  (1) Victor Sonic PestChaser Heavy Duty Sonic, (2) Victor Sonic Mini PestChaser Ultrasonic Rodent Repellant, and (2) Victor Electronic Mouse Traps

    So protect your home, use Victor for your rodent control needs, whether you want to prevent a rodent infestation or you're trying to fight one, Victor has the products you need to get the job done!

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    Saturday, January 29, 2011

    You will be missed Grandma...

    I've known this post was coming for some time now, that still doesn't make it any easier now that it's here.  A wonderful woman took her last breath in this world and passed away yesterday... that woman was my grandmother.

    This is her on her 90th Birthday
    7.3.1918 ~ 1.28.2011

    She died at the age of 92... her body just couldn't go on anymore.  A few weeks before, as I helped her into bed one night, she had said to me, "I'm fighting something that can't be won".  And she was right of course, none of us can live forever here on Earth.

    She knew she was near the end and so did those around her.  She was at the point of needing around the clock care.  Thursday evening she had just been sent home from the hospital, this time because there was nothing more they could do for her.  She was sent home to live out the rest of her days as comfortably as possible.

    That night I stayed at her house... she slept so peacefully.  I remember thinking as I got ready for bed in the spare room, how my grandma was the one who had taught me how to make a bed, the proper way, all those years ago when I was just a girl.

    I remembered having sleep-overs, in that very bed, my sisters and I staying the night at Grandma's house.  We would stay up late reading the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books she had in the bookcase headboard.  One morning we had Rice Krispies for breakfast, I sneezed and my cereal flew out of my bowl and across the table... we all had such a laugh over that!

    My dad and grandma- Aug. 2010
     My grandma with me and my girls
    My grandma lived a long life, with lots of people that loved her very much.  She will be dearly missed.  May you rest in peace Grandma... and tell Grandpa and my mom hello.

    Friday, January 28, 2011

    EasyLunchboxes Giveaway WINNER!!

    We have a winner for the EasyLunchboxes Giveaway:

    99. Marvelous Mommy said...
    Posted on FB #4

    Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck in upcoming giveaways.

    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Toggle Bandz- Adjustable Headband {Review & Giveaway}

    As a mom of 3 girls I'm always on the lookout for new hair accessories to try for my daughters. The worst thing is when you find something that looks pretty but that slips out or is uncomfortable and they don't want to wear it.

    Toggle Bandz was created by Amanda, a stay at home military wife, who was frustrated over market headbands that would slip off her daughter's fine hair.

    So she developed adjustable headbands- made in all sizes, widths, colors and themes.  The different lengths fit infant, toddler, child, and adult.  The headband simply adjusts with a clip in the back, underneath the hair so it's not seen, and then is the perfect size for each individual so it stays put.
    I love that Toggle Bandz are really easy to put in my girls hair and it's a soft ribbon so no complaints of 'ouch, this hurts my head' like with some headbands.

    My oldest two really like wearing their Toggle Bandz, the youngest (16 mos. old) not so much yet.  She doesn't like having anything in her hair so she kept tugging and pulling it out.  This is good for you though since that's the headband I'll be giving away!!

    The ribbons come in all different colors too so you can mix and match with
    whatever outfit they're wearing.

    I love this pretty pastel Polka Dots one for Springtime & Easter 
    BUY IT:  You can buy Toggle Bandz online from their website and from their Etsy shop, they range in price from $3- 5 (+1.50 shipping).

    WIN IT:  1 lucky reader is going to win this adorable light blue w/ pink polka dots Toggle Bandz for their own little girl

    Ways to Enter (leave a separate comment for each entry you do):
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    U.S. ONLY

    This contest ends on 2/10/11 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only.  The winner will be drawn via random.org and has 48 hours to respond to winning notification email before another winner is drawn.  Please make sure your email is visible on your profile or leave with your comment(s). 

    Disclosure:  I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.  No other form of compensation was received.  The opinions and thoughts I’ve shared with these products are 100% my own and yours may differ.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    Wordless Wednesday- Safety first!

    My toddler decided she needed to wear a 'helmet' while riding around the living room... just in case I guess.  Head over to Marvelous Mommy to see why you can never be too careful (and no we didn't plan these pictures... toddlers just do the darndest things).  ;p

    I'm also linked up over at 5 Minutes for Mom and Shibley Smiles

    Superbowl $200 Cash Giveaway!!

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    Good luck!

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Project: Happily Ever After {Book Review & Giveaway}

    Saving your marriage when the fairytale falters.  When your prince charming turns into a frog... can he really turn back into a prince?

    This is the very real and very hilarious true story of Alisa Bowman, how she went from wishing her husband dead to renewing her wedding vows and everything in between.  Project: Happily Ever After is her story of going from an unhappy marriage on the brink of divorce to now being happily married for over 10 years.

    Alisa's project takes place over 4 months where she devotes her time and energy to fixing her marriage.  She addresses the emotional aspect, the sex (or lack there of), the laundry, and there's even a bikini wax and a eulogy thrown in there, oh my!  She talks about the 12 marital improvement self-help books she read along the way, highlighting the points that worked for her and even gives a 10 step plan to start your own Project: Happily Ever After.

    Now even if you've never planned your husband's funeral and you feel your marriage is a blissful paradise, this is an excellent read.  I found it totally relatable and found myself wanting to read more.  The writing style is very easy to read, making it hard to put down.  And Alisa is just so... well, open and honest... talking about things most married couples barely want to talk to each other about.  She may make you blush at times or think 'OMG, did I just read that' but it's all in the name of love.  ;)

    Here's a snippet from the book that made me laugh out loud as I could totally relate:
    If you are exhausted because you can't get your kid dressed, ask for help and ask for it out loud.  Your husband can't hear the words inside your head.  Only you can hear those!  Be as specific as possible.  "I need help," is good, but "Can you please get her dressed because I'm about to throttle her" is even better.
    And check out this cute book trailer for Project: Happily Ever After:

    Alisa Bowman is a former senior editor at Runner's World magazine and has co-authored and ghost written on more than 30 books of various topics.  She's been a guest on national television and radio programs and interviewed by many top magazines.  She also created ProjectHappilyEverAfter.com, voted one of the Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2009 and 2010.

    BUY IT:  Project: Happily Ever After can be purchased on Amazon for under $15

    WIN IT:  1 lucky reader is going to get their very own copy of Project: Happily Ever After

    WAYS TO ENTER (leave a separate comment on this post for each entry you complete):

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    U.S. ONLY

    This contest ends on 2/6/11 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only.  The winner will be drawn via random.org and has 48 hours to respond to winning notification email before another winner is drawn.  Please make sure your email is visible on your profile or leave with your comment(s).

    Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  No other form of compensation was received.  The opinions and thoughts I’ve shared are 100% my own and yours may differ.

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    Sunday Blog Hops... Join the fun!

    I'm joining in with a few blog hops today, I don't always feel like I have the time but figured why not today... :)

    Please feel free to enter my Giveaways while you're here (listed over on the right side) and Follow or Subscribe via email to stay up to date on upcoming giveaways (like the Superbowl Cash Giveaway event!!).

    Shibley Smiles Sunday Blog Hop    

    Thanks for stopping by!!

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    SOOC Saturday- Lil Cutie

    I'm linking up with Marvelous Mommy for Straight Out Of the Camera Saturday

    SOOC Saturday

    My youngest daughter- I caught her with her eyes closed but think it's so adorable!

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Pear Tree Greetings Valentine's Day Cards {Review & Giveaway}

    Valentine's Day is on it's way-
    February 14th
    A day all about lve, Valentine's Day Cards, candy, hearts, flowers and teddy bears.  I always loved Valentine's Day when I was younger, when you took your Valentines to school and passed them out to the class.  My oldest daughter loved being able to do this last year when she started preschool, and can't wait to do it again in Kindergarten.  She is very excited to pass out her Valentine Cards to all her friends, especially a certain boy who is her best friend.
    It's always fun to pick out which cards to get too... there are so many different ones to choose from.  Pear Tree Greetings has some brand new designs in their 2011 Collection that are just so adorable and fun.  I received a sampling of their Kid's Valentine's Day Cards, including custom photo cards, a coloring card, and a love coupon (such a cute idea).
    These cards were so much cuter, original, and more personalized than the standard cartoon-themed cards you find at the stores.  My daughter loved all the designs, especially the Queen of Hearts one.  My middle daughter, almost 3 years old, went right for the colorable Dinosaur Fever card and asked me for the crayons!
    There are tons of other designs to choose from as well, including ninjas, dragons, hearts, trains, owls and aliens.  Your kid is bound to find something they like... and that you'll love too!  Pear Tree also has Variety Packs available and super sweet Valentine Stickers (only $1.99 for a set of 48) to go with your cards too.
    BUY IT:  Pear Tree Valentine's Day Cards can be purchased online, and be sure to check out the Pear Tree Promo Code page for all the latest coupons, including 10% Off Valentine Cards right now- enter code HEART10.  They also have FREE Shipping on all Valentine's Day orders.

    WIN IT:  1 lucky reader is going to win a set of 24 Valentine's Day Cards to share the l♥ve

    Ways to enter (leave a separate comment on this post for each entry you do):

    •  Visit Pear Tree and tell me one of your favorite Valentine's Day Cards
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    #Win Valentine's Day Cards from @SusieBHomemaker and @PearTreeGrtngs http://bit.ly/hYC6PF #Giveaway ends 2/1

    U.S. ONLY

    This contest ends on 2/1/11 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only.  The winner will be drawn via random.org and has 48 hours to respond to winning notification email before another winner is drawn.  Please make sure your email is visible on your profile or leave with your comment(s).  Giveaway will be in the form of a gift code good thru 2/28/11.

    Disclosure:  As a Pearista for Pear Tree Greetings I am occasionally sent product in exchange for my review.  No other form of compensation is received.  The opinions and thoughts I’ve shared with these products are 100% my own and yours may differ.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup {Review & Giveaway} Ends 2/3

    Launched in September 2003, Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals is jointly ran and managed by Gloria Webb-Williams (CEO) and Cathlene Michaels-Brader (CFO).  Gloria and Cathlene bring many years of holistic, beauty, sales and marketing and technology knowledge allowing them to collaborate on the products and services of their company.  Their mineral makeup uses only pure colors from the earth's natural mineral source and they have no additives, fillers, preservatives, dyes, perfumes, or talc in them... truly all natural.

    Ancient Stones' Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to beautify and nurture the human body through our makeup and holistic products. By promoting the understanding of ourselves as compassionate beings to the world through holistic teachings, we intend to educate the mind, strengthen the body and lighten the Spirit. Our goal is to facilitate these things through improved living, universal prosperity and life appreciation.
    When I tried the makeup the containers were a tad messy so I had to lean over the sink while applying it to make sure I didn't get any on the floor or my clothes.  You start with the Super Soft Focus (SPF 50+ and gives a slight glow) as your base coat and then apply the mineral foundationI was sent Jean's Jewell.  I thought the foundation felt a little heavy on so gently blotted with a tissue to remove any excess.  I am not one to wear much makeup though and do also have a dry complexion so that could've created the feeling.

    For eye shadows they have over 50 shades to choose from- and you can also blend colors to create your own.  I received the Butter Cream and Sheba's Sigh, both colors were beautiful and shimmery.  I used the lighter shade as the brow highlight and then the darker color on my eyelid and crease.  When I first saw the Sheba's Sigh I wasn't sure if I was going to like it as I've never used a shade that color, but I absolutely loved the way it looked.  I thought the complete look was fresh and natural and just enhanced my face.
    (click to enlarge)

    After applying your desired makeup, they also have 10 different blushes for your cheeks and 16+ lip shadows for beautiful lips, you finish it all off with the Ancient Elixir Setting Spray.  The spray seals in the makeup and gives an airbrushed look.  It's meant to set your makeup so that even after working out, swimming, or just daily activities it won't smudge or run off.  I'm not sure I really noticed a difference with or without it, as the makeup stayed on all day without wearing off either way.

    Key Benefits 
    1. Gives the skin a beautiful glow 
    2. Seals the makeup 
    3. Prevents makeup from coming off the face 
    4. Antibacterial (silver is an anti-bacterial) 

    5. Elasticity (the copper gives the apperance of more elasticity to the skin) 

    Distilled water, silver and copper

    **EDIT:  The Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup website is a tad confusing and hard to use (as commenters have noted) so I wanted to add a few things.  From their homepage, if you click the link that says How Do I Select My Colors, it gives recommendations based on skin tone and color.  Then to view the foundation and concealer colors, you click the tab at the top called 'All about the Face' and scroll thru the pages until you find the one that was recommended for you and it'll show you a picture, though not that great of quality.  Also before they sent me my samples she asked for a recent photo of me so they could see my face and skintone.  I think if you were unsure of what colors to pick, you could email them at ancientstonesmineralmakeup@yahoo.com and they'd be more than happy to help.  They also have a money-back guarantee if you were unsatisfied with anything.

    WIN IT:  3 lucky readers are going to win a Super Soft Focus & Ancient Elixir Setting Spray

    Ways to Enter (leave a separate comment for each entry):
    •  Visit Ancient Stones and tell me a shade you'd like to try
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    Enter to #Win Ancient Stones Mineral Makeup @SusieBHomemaker http://bit.ly/go5nW1 #Giveaway ends on 2/3
    U.S. ONLY

    This contest ends on 2/3/11 at 11:59 pm EST.  Open to U.S. Residents ONLY.  The winner will be drawn via random.org and has 48 hours to respond to winning notification email before another winner is drawn.  Please make sure your email is visible on your profile or leave with your comment(s).

    Disclosure:  I received a free product for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and yours may differ.

    More confused than ever....

    I feel like I'm in digital camera purgatory... really, it's starting to consume me!  I am getting nothing done but taking test photos, reading review after review, I am literally losing sleep over this and I still don't know... what's the best camera for us??

    I posted a few days ago with 2 different sets of photos but didn't say which brand they were.  The 1st set was the Canon T1i, and the 2nd warmer set was the Nikon D3100.  There are pros and cons to both- the Nikon has better flash (the Canon hesitates & flickers sometimes), the Nikon took better video, the Canon has the self-timer continuous shot mode (the Nikon doesn't), the Canon tends to look more crystal clear where the Nikon seems to have softer focus.

    Here's another 2 pics to show the difference- both on Auto, unedited:

    Canon T1i

    Nikon D3100

    So now I'm debating on just going with a less expensive camera, since we're also realizing that we're going to have to invest in a video camera because the cameras that take video really aren't that great at it anyway.  And perhaps not even a DSLR, since the whole point was to be able to pick it up and shoot with it, not have to adjust all the settings to get a good shot.  Maybe the Canon SX30 or the Nikon P100 or the Sony NEX...  Ugh, why is this so hard?!

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Purex Crystals Softener & Mozaik Partyware Winners

    I decided to draw 4 winners for the Purex Crystals instead of 3, using the free coupon that came with my sample for the 4th winner.  So here are the lucky 4 via random.org:

         56. Jessyca said...                                           88. Bonita12 said...
         I voted for your daughter                                I voted for your daughter
         in the Fancy Nancy contest. #1                       in the Fancy Nancy contest. #1

    39. Claudia said...                                              10. Sarah, Arik and Avas Mommy, said...
    I use fabric softener for all my clothes               I voted for your daughter
        thank you for this giveaway                              
     in the Fancy Nancy Contest! 1/2
    And the winner of the Mozaik Partyware Prize Pack is:
    89. esluka said...

    Thanks to everyone that entered and congrats to all the winners!

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    SOOC Saturday- DSLR Competition

    I don't want to give away which brand is which yet, but these are two different DSLR cameras- both on Auto, standing in the same spot, same lighting, unedited...

    Which do you prefer, the 1st set of pics or the 2nd (click pictures to enlarge)?

    SET 1

    SET 2

    I've also linked up with Marvelous Mommy for SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) Saturday

    SOOC Saturday


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