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Friday, January 7, 2011

More peas please...

Those words actually came out of my 5 year olds mouth at dinner yesterday evening.  I was shocked!  But I recovered and of course obliged by giving her another spoonful of peas.
And this is my picky eater, the one that only weighs 35 lbs. when her 2 1/2 year old sister weighs 32 lbs.  Usually the only vegetable I can get her to eat is carrots.  Well she does also eat potatoes, in fact she asked for more of those at dinner too!

We've been worrying about this girl and her weight since shortly after birth so I'm happy to finally see her expanding her palette and eating different foods, and bigger portions too.  I know she still doesn't meet all the food pyramid requirements, and no she didn't ask for more chicken too, but at least we're getting somewhere... asking for more peas is a great start.
Do your kids eat vegetables... do you have special tricks to get them to eat more veggies without noticing?


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

My daughter will only eat veggies if I give her ranch dressing to dip them in. My son... he LOVES veggies and fruit. In fact he won't eat meat very often (which is bad because he needs the protein, so thank Heaven for pediasure). But it's weird to have a kid want more veggies. My son eats them all smothered in Alfredo sauce (he's got problems with keeping on weight because of his genes and he's SUPER active) He would be in heaven in I only gave him peas and green beans. Really weird eater...

J said...

I love veggie.. =) Everyone has different preference !

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