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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To blog, or not to blog...

   So for my very first blog ever I figured I'd write about having a blog itself.  I mean it seems to be all the rage nowadays (am I giving away my age with that phrase?) with everyone having a blog.  You hear, "do you blog?", "'read my blog", etc.  What really is all the hype...?  I have to say I'm somewhat daunted by the task of writing something interesting on a daily basis that other people will actually want to read.  What will I have to blog about?  When will I have the time?  I have 3 daughters, all under the age of 5, who keep me very busy.  Two of them as I type this are running laps around the living room & screaming like wild banshees.  Why did I think I could become one of those 'cool' people who have a blog?

   In my defense, having three young children can make for some pretty interesting reads, but enough to justify a blog?  ... hmm.  I do realize not everything I write has to be a nail-biting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat type of story, but I do hope that I'm typing out things other than, "guess how many diapers I changed today?".  I guess at this point in my 'mommy' life I feel like I need something more, something just for ME.  Can I possibly get that just from blogging my life... only time will tell.   To blog or not to blog- that is the question.  The answer... I have no idea, but I'm on my way to finding out.  Welcome to my life!  :)


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