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Friday, December 3, 2010

Stay With Me Socks- Wiggle and Pull Off Proof {Review + Holiday Sale}

I don't know any baby that doesn't like taking their socks off.  Parent's put them... and babies pull them off!  My girls all did it when they were little- my youngest is 14 months old and still does it frequently.  So I'm constantly on the lookout for something that will help her keep her socks on, especially in these oh-so-cold winter months.
I came across Stay With Me Socks and thought the concept was pretty unique.  They're socks for newborns up to 14 months with an adjustable velcro tab.  They're wiggle and pull off proof, staying on until you, the parent, want to take them off.  They velcro in the front or the back adjusting for smaller or larger ankles, so they fit your baby's growing feet.  They have a non-skid bottom for babies that are cruising and walking.  And they loop together so no more getting lost in the wash!
My daughter was right at the cut-off age so I didn't know if they would work for her or not.... they didn't!  She was smart enough to know how to undo the velcro tab and then pull the socks off.  So I gave them to my sister for her 9 month old daughter.  They worked very well for her, her baby tugged and tugged and couldn't get them off... it was kind of funny to watch.  The socks are really good quality too- well made.
The only issue we had was that I have all carpeting in my livingroom/playroom and the velcro would get snagged on it and come undone on its own.  I think these would be great on a harder surface floor- wood or tile.  Or maybe if the velcro was slightly longer, so when you adjust it to fit smaller there's not an overlap of velcro sticking out.  All in all, I think these are perfect for small babies (pre-crawlers), and if you don't have all carpet in your house it would work well for older babies up to 14 months.
Stay With Me Socks come in white, pinks, blues, and greens and would make a great 'stocking stuffer' gift for your own baby or someone you know with a little one.  And right now, Stay With Me Socks is having a Holiday Special... so it's the perfect time to buy some gifts.

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