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Friday, February 11, 2011

Movin' on up...

Our middle daughter, aka Curls, is making the switch from her 'big girl' toddler bed to an even bigger 'big girl' bed... a twin size!  We decided she had outgrown the toddler bed- she went to a toddler bed right around 2 years old and is now almost 3 (less than 2 months away).  But she's also above the 75th percentile for height and weight for her age so she can definitely use the extra room.

We decided to go with a Mates Bed* for the storage underneath (I had a 20% off coupon too!).  She shares a room with her younger sister and they need all the extra storage they can get.  Curls is so excited about her new bed, and now she has the room she needs to stretch out and sleep comfortably.

This is right after Daddy put the bed together

And this is sleeping peacefully at night

We got the twin mattress for 20% off also, a nice plush one, her older sister has the same one and it's really nice and is holding up great.  I ordered her a comforter and sheet set from Walmart (not the one pictured above), free site to store shipping (love that about them).  We had to wait a little longer for it to come in though because all the snow we had lately caused a "delay in transit" according to the website.  I had decided on the Kelsi Patch Bed in a Bag (pictured below) but when we tried the fitted sheet on the mattress... it didn't fit!  So Curls is back to using her older sister's comforter and extra sheet set for now (pictured above) and big sister gets to use her sleeping bag which she's loving.  :) 
Now it's back to the drawing board trying to find a comforter and sheet set... one that'll actually fit her 'plush size' mattress.

*For anyone wondering, this bed from Big Lots is not the greatest quality.  We had some issues when assembling it- not all the connectors went together smoothly and one of the support boards underneath (not seen) cracked due to being over-stressed.  My husband said it won't affect the sturdiness of the bed but still not what you want to see when putting together a brand new bed.  There was also one spot on the front, very tiny and barely seen, where the paint was chipped.  All in all, the price was right and it'll do fine for our situation, but if you're buying for an older, heavier child you may want to spend more money for higher quality.


Sarah, Arik and Avas Mommy, said...

Yay for big girl beds! The girls' blankets are very cute! Did I ever tell you what we would like to do with our kids' beds when we move? We want to build them up on storage cabinets that are big enough to fit those 18 gallon storage tubs into. The kids won't mind if their beds are a little higher off of the ground, and we will love having the extra space! :-)

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