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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Tea Party

With the Royal Wedding this morning, and then broadcasts later in the day as well, it was hard to avoid seeing or watching footage at some point throughout the day.  And I'll be honest, I wanted to see what Kate's dress looked like and of course... the KISS (or 2 kisses in this case)!!

So in honor of the wedding, a really good friend of mine came up with a fabulous, fun idea for any little princess in training.... a Royal Tea Party- complete with royal hats!!  She was also lovely enough to drop off everything that was needed- little straw hats, ribbon, and lots of artificial flowers to choose from... thank you Sarah!
I didn't use any sewing or hot glue in this project, though if you wanted your flowers to be more permanent I would definitely suggest a hot glue gun.  These types of hats were perfect for just threading the ribbon and flowers through, easy for kids to do on their own.  And then if my girls want to change the look we can remove and add as needed.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this morning?  What did you think of some of the hats??


Dakotapam said...

Awesome! I love, love, loved the wedding! My girls are a bit too young for the hats right now, but I may save this idea for a future tea party!

Kathy said...

My daughter wore a little crown hair clip to shcool today in honor of the wedding. I love the hats! How great, and what a terrific picture, they look so happy! It was fun to see the dress and I really loved watching the carriages! Very Cinderella like! Have a great weekend.

MommyKuehner said...

I love that idea. Very cute. Yes we watched some of the wedding, but your daughters hats are much better! Should've done this with ours. Will have to make a note to do this one soon.

Marvelous Mommy said...

Oh I love the hats! Too cute! I didn't get to see the kiss when I watched it live because I was up with the baby and falling in and out of sleep but they look so cute together and I love how the crowd goes crazy!!

Did you get switched over to Wordpress?? I saw the new blog header!

Sarah said...

how fun! I love it!

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