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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PetCakes Winner... and Tag, You're It!

Congratulations to the PetCakes giveaway winner:
#48. pridelandmama said...
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I was also tagged by Nicole over at Lulu Tutu Photo awhile back and now have to hurry up and answer the following list of items so I can 'tag' someone else... I hate being 'it'.

Here is how it works:

  • Answer the "About Me" questions
  • Pass it on to a few other RAD bloggers

So here goes...
A list of favorites!

Food: Grilled Tilapia
Color: PINK  ;)
Animal:  we don't have, or want, pets but little puppies are cute
Dessert: strawberry cheesecake
Artist: Katy Perry & Eminem
Pair of Shoes: Skechers
Outfit: fave jeans from Maurices with flutter-sleeve top
Skinny Jeans: I've never worn or particularly liked this style
Brand: Depends on the product but I like LG, Skechers, Little Tikes
Perfume: Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly
Accessory: my wedding ring from Jared's and Tommy Hilfiger purse  
City: Savannah, GA
Hobby: photography
Beauty Product: I almost always wear lengthening mascara- blackest black
Holiday: 4th of July or Thanksgiving- no gifts to buy, just good food & family (and fireworks on the 4th!)
Snack: Popcorn with M&Ms
Movie: Princess Bride
Music: Pop, Rock, Oldies
Guilty Pleasure: McDonald's Caramel Frappe

And I know a lot of awesome bloggers, but here are the four I'm tagging:

Adventures with 3 Girls
A Time Out for Mommy
Carma Sez
Hey?! A Mom can Dream!


Jessica Anne said...

Princess Bride is my favorite too. Wesley. :) And skinny jeans are just not meant for adults as far as I can tell. Thanks for tagging me!

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