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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ERROR: Does not compute!!

So our laptop decided to go on the fritz, making it impossible for me to do anything on it.  I spent the better part of a day cleaning up files, deleting over 125,000 temporary internet files (say what?!), and trying to get Norton Antivirus to do it's job.... thankfully everything is back in working order (for now anyway).  But I missed my PINT post and Wordless Wednesday (*sniffle).  At least I'm back online now... time to catch up on emails & posts from my favorite blogs.

On a more positive note, it did give me time today (while Norton was doing all it's scanning and updating) to focus on my family.  I actually noticed my oldest two (5 & 2 yr. old) playing nicely together... I could hear giggles and laughter coming from upstairs.  They were playing with their Backyardigans and stuffed animals.  So frequently all I notice is the yelling, screaming, and crying that this was a nice change of pace to see them getting along.  Did it last- well of course not, but it was amazing to see for that short period of time and knowing that they can actually get along... when they want to.



blueviolet said...

When I have computer issues, at first I freak out, but then I really start to enjoy the moments of being computer-free!

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