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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting ready for Back-to-School!

I can't believe school is starting in just a couple weeks now... yikes!  We finally took our 5 yr. old shopping today for a new pair of shoes for Kindergarten.  We went to Famous Footwear since I had received a $10 off coupon in the mail.  Our usual shoe of choice for her is Skechers but for some reason we couldn't get a pair to fit her.  She's actually about a 9 1/2 now and the store mainly had whole sizes in kids shoes.  So we went with a pair of Size 10 Nikes since their shoes tend to run smaller.  They're still a tad big, but they can be tightened down with the velcro on it.  At least we know they're going to last through the whole school year.  And thankfully, she still has a pair of boots that fit for the winter.
Next up after shoe shopping was a haircut... she was so excited for this!  We went to a hair salon that has a special kid's section where your kid can choose between a car or a horse seat- she chose the horse.  They also have a tv and dvd player with several Disney movie selections.  I had the stylist cut her hair to just above her shoulders so it curves under slightly.  She still has bangs but we're in the process of growing them out (her request) so they are pretty long- to the point of almost being in her eyes.  I'll have to start clipping them back with a barrette or using a headband. 

Next week we'll be tackling the school supply list, which the school hasn't sent out yet.  So I called and was told I need to go to their website and it should be posted on there.  Total spent so far was $19.99 for the shoes (after my coupon discount) & $12 + tip for the haircut.  My daughter couldn't be happier with both her haircut and new shoes... and she can't wait to start Kindergarten!  My first baby girl is getting so big!!  :'(

Do you have your back-to-school shopping all done?  How much do you usually spend for a new pair of shoes for your child?  And what does a kid's haircut cost where you live?



Amy said...

She is ready for school for sure. .

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