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Monday, August 2, 2010

First night away from home!

Not for me of course, but for my 5 year old daughter.  She went for an overnight stay at the grandparent's on Thursday, and let me tell you...
I was a nervous wreck!!

She went on Thursday night and later in the day on Friday we all went up for the rest of the weekend.  They live 2 hours north of us, and I was just so worried something would happen.  First there's the 2 hour drive, then they also live by water, and they're a in a tiny community where there's a lot of vacationers and seasonal residents.

We did talk about a lot of stuff before she went- privacy, good & bad behaviors, what to do in an emergency, etc. etc.  And she did take comfort items from home- her new sleeping bag that she got for her birthday, her pillow, and her favorite stuffed animals.  But it was still really tough for me to let her go, even though I knew she was going to be in good hands.

Most of the problem is that I have quite the overactive imagination and always think the worst possible thing that could happen, will.  Thankfully it never does, and in the end I gave myself a near anxiety attack for nothing.  But she's my first baby girl, and I'm her mommy... what more can I say!

We all had a great time, it was a long weekend (and rainy on Saturday), but nice to get away from home just the same and enjoy the quiet nature up there.  Hopefully this will prepare me for more overnight stays now that she's getting older.  Somehow though, I'm not sure it's going to get any easier for me.

Any advice from you seasoned moms... how do you handle when your kids are away from home?



Crinthia said...

I am not a seasoned mom, but I do agree with you on the getting all worked up for nothing! I tend to think the worst possibilities before I calm down and realize how unrealistic I am being!

Debbie's L'Bri said...

I always think the worst too.
But I always say Blessed Mother and Jesus take care of them because you know I cannot at this time. It gets even harder when the move away and then get married and have kids of their own. There is always someone to pray for.

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