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Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Day Challenge Day 6- a moment...

Day 6- a moment you wish you could relive

For me, I break this into two different categories- moments I wish I could relive and change; and moments I wish I could relive to enjoy them again.

For the first part, I wish I could relive the last moment I had with my mom the day she died.  I was a teenager, what did I know, I was moody and rebellious... if I knew then what I know now...

For the last part, well this could be several moments- the day I first became a mom, such an amazing and proud feeling... or the day my husband came home from Iraq, God it was good to have him home safe... or a happy memory I have with my mom- us dancing together when I was little... the song was 'Put a Little Love in Your Heart'...



~ Noelle said...

what a beautiful post..
thank you for sharing..

blueviolet said...

I feel that way about my dad! I just want the day back so I can tell him one more time that I love him!

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