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Friday, September 24, 2010

EcoSTORE USA- Eco Friendly Products {Review}

EcoSTORE USA makes plant based, non-toxic Household Cleaning, Baby and Personal Care Products that contain No Nasty Chemicals.  Located in the suburban Detroit, Michigan area (shipping warehouse is located in Pennsylvania), it's an extension of a 20 year old New Zealand company, which was founded by Melanie and Malcolm Rands from their home in an eco village in New Zealand.

They offer more than 100 products, each one meeting the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards. "The guiding principle of every formulation is and will always be that the end product must not only be good for the user, but good for the planet."  That's an awesome business philosophy to live by!!

Not every company that calls itself natural or organic truly is.  You can read more about what Green really is on the website.  And here's some common harmful chemicals to avoid:

•Parabens (preservatives some studies have connected to breast cancer)
•Glycols (organic solvents that can be passed from mother to fetus, and can affect the nervous system in high doses)
•Sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent known to cause skin and eye irritation, and found in the majority of bubble baths, shampoos and shower gels)

EcoSTORE was also featured on Fox News, check out the segment below:

I received the Laundry Liquid- 3x Ultra Concentrate and the Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash.  When I opened the package I was greeted with this great first impression, a paper that read:
All packaging products used for this shipment are environmentally friendly, the packing peanuts are made out of soy; the news print, packing tape and even the boxes are all made out of recycleable paper, as well as the paper this note is printed on.
When I tried the laundry liquid, the smell was the first thing I noticed- it reminded me of Hall's cough drops or Vick's vaporub, I think this is probably due to the Eucalyptus Oil in it.  Not entirely unpleasant, I just hoped my clothes didn't come out smelling like it.  The pour spout could use some work, while pouring the liquid it not only came out of the spout but from around it as well, making it a tad messy.  The water got nice and sudsy as it was filling.  After the wash the clothes didn't have any of the odor I didn't like- just smelled fresh and clean!

With the body wash, again the first thing I noticed was the scent.  I don't know exactly what it smelled like, but it didn't seem to be the coconut or vanilla scent I was expecting.  It smelled slightly better once it was lathered up on the loofah and it was nice and soft and foamy.  I've used other organic products (or so they said they were), that didn't foam up well at all and I had to use a ton of body wash every time just to have enough suds to wash my entire body.  I was happy the ecoSTORE product wasn't like this and that just a little body wash was enough.  My skin felt good afterward, not dried out, and there wasn't any scent left on my skin.

Overall, the only thing holding me back from completely loving these products was the initial scent (and also the pour spout for the laundry liquid).  But knowing these are good for me and my family, and for the environment, and the final outcome was pleasant and did work, it helps to outweigh the cons.

EcoSTORE USA offers free shipping on orders over $25 and right now they're having a 25% off back-to-school special- Use Discount Code WQ551 at checkout.  You can also find their products at Meijer and Duane Reade stores.

You can read more about ecoSTORE on their blog and also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I received free products for the purpose of this review, but no other form of compensation was given. The opinions and thoughts I’ve shared with these products are 100% my own and yours may differ.



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