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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogging Mom's Challenge Day 26- 30

Wow, did I get behind!  But this is the end of the challenge:

Day 26 — A childhood memory
Dancing with my mom when I was a little girl to the song Put a Little Love in Your Heart by Jackie Deshannon.

Day 27 — A physical feature you love
Ugh, there's not much I love about my body right now, so probably my big brown eyes (love that song Brown-Eyed Girl).  My husband of course would list another attribute of mine.  ;)

Day 28 — A scar you have and its story, or if no scars- a tattoo & story
I don't have any scars (knock on wood) but have 1 tattoo.  It's a sun on my lower abdomen- I was a "sun worship-er" back in the day and got it while I was in High School (without my parent's knowing).  What's weird is that it looks sorta similar to the Sun of May on the Argentina Flag and my husband, who I hadn't met yet, is part Argentinian.  I found this picture online that comes close to what mine looks like.
Not a photo of my actual tattoo

Day 29 — Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
I'm hoping we'll be able to pay off most of our debt, then start putting money away for the girl's college funds.  I'd also love to be able to remodel our kitchen sometime next year... it so needs it (there's apple wallpaper and the cabinets are falling apart)! 

Day 30 — A motto or philosophy
Realistically, my motto is probably 'be realistic'- but I'd love to live as freely as this:

Work like you don't need the money,
Dance like no one is watching,
Sing like no one is listening,
love like you've never been hurt...
and live life every day as if it were your last!



Lexiquin said...

Sometimes when my inbox is pretty full, I just skim through my emails. Sure glad I took the time to read everything you wrote for Day 28--because, immediately after I read that you got a tattoo on your lower abdomen, I looked at the photo again and tried to figure out why your abdomen looked like that! so funny! Glad I continued to read and realized that the photo depicted was not your abdomen. ah, now I understand.

blueviolet said...

Your tattoo still looks great! I think it's sweet that you remember dancing with your mom.

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