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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blogging Mom's Challenge Day 22

Day 22 — A website...

This one is very open-ended.  I could use this to list a website I love:
all the great blogs I read  :)

Or a website I use daily:

But instead, I'm going to tell you about an up and coming site for listing free ads- The Exclaim.  Why you ask?  Well, first of all because it was invented and designed by one of my sister's and secondly... well, who doesn't like a free ad site?

I'd best describe it as a cross between Craigslist.org and ebay.com.  Like Craigslist because it's free, but like ebay because you can customize your ads with optional upgrades, buy right off the site, and leave feedback.  You can read how my sister describes it here.  It's super easy and fast to register (and of course free) and there's even an affiliate program built in.

So go check it out, tell all your family and friends, and help the site grow.  And remember it's still in beta phase so if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions just click on the 'Email Us' icon at the top of the site to share your thoughts.



Martini Mama said...

good sites, thank you for sharing. i fell behind on the challenge and just got caught up! I feel bad because I am slacking on reading everyones! I am taking today to be lazy and read blogs! haha! Love it!

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