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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blogging's Been on the Back Burner...

   I'm not sure how it happened, but I've been feeling like my blog's been controlling me lately instead of the other way around.  Even these last few days I took off made me feel extremely guilty!  But life goes on... my blog has taken backseat to spending time with family, my kids, hubby, even just vegging out on the couch and watching my favorite show... oh, and also dealing with rodents, in & around the house!

   Yes, you read right... we've had not 1 mouse, but 2 in the house that had to be caught!  EWW!!  We're hoping that's the last of them, and now we need to find where they got in at.  Our house is almost 100 years old so I'm sure there's plenty of spots for a tiny mouse to get in!

   In addition to the mice, we've had squirrels in our trash!  They've chewed through all 3 trash cans to get to the garbage inside.  And then they sit there on our back deck and seem to taunt us while they eat the food out of our trash.  Even when I step outside they don't run away, just sit there and continue to eat... unless I get loud and stomp (basically make a fool of myself for any of my neighbor's to see if they happen to look out their back door or window).  So we're thinking we need to invest in metal trash cans, but I couldn't help but think of this song (just change the word 'pants' to 'trash').  :D


crinthia said...

oh I know the feeling, I had so much to blog about but then I have to promote it and blahza blahza. I just started getting out and spending some quality time with my daughter. I have a mouse in my house too... must be the right season for them to come inside. lol @ phineas and ferb I <3 that episode.

Trista said...

Me too, my blog has been terribly neglected. I guess life just gets in the way, or rodents in your case. I bet your house is a very cool house though despite the rodents. I <3 old houses. I myself have been spending lots of time with my hubby and baby, I am trying to get back to my old happy self, just going through alot lately and the blog unfortunately is suffering because of that.

Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

I have felt the same way! It's hard to juggle everything, and I too get that "guilty" feeling. Take a break if you need it, we all need one once in a while!

justicecw said...

The mice and squirrels sound all too familiar. We have the same problem. We thought we got rid of the mice but they are back :( Then the other day I left the outside garbage pail open and a squirrel got in there. Here's to hanging in there and standing firm against the pesky animals. :)

Trista said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog also! For some reason, it helps a person feel better when they hear they are not the only freaking people in the world who have gone through hard times. I guess maybe because it feels that way when it is hard, like your the only person that is going through it. So thanks for being there, you are a great blog friend. :)

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