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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Wind Down... Link up your Blog!

If you've never linked up before, this is one of those really simple blog hops... it's called the Weekend Wind Down because it's meant to be relaxing, no stress!
1)  Link up your Blog
2)  Visit other blogs
3)  Comment, Follow... or not, no pressure

Mmm, pasta
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Tea Party

With the Royal Wedding this morning, and then broadcasts later in the day as well, it was hard to avoid seeing or watching footage at some point throughout the day.  And I'll be honest, I wanted to see what Kate's dress looked like and of course... the KISS (or 2 kisses in this case)!!

So in honor of the wedding, a really good friend of mine came up with a fabulous, fun idea for any little princess in training.... a Royal Tea Party- complete with royal hats!!  She was also lovely enough to drop off everything that was needed- little straw hats, ribbon, and lots of artificial flowers to choose from... thank you Sarah!
I didn't use any sewing or hot glue in this project, though if you wanted your flowers to be more permanent I would definitely suggest a hot glue gun.  These types of hats were perfect for just threading the ribbon and flowers through, easy for kids to do on their own.  And then if my girls want to change the look we can remove and add as needed.

Did you watch the Royal Wedding this morning?  What did you think of some of the hats??

Thursday, April 28, 2011

FlipFlop Wines... pour a glass!

I don't consider myself a wine connoisseur by any means, but I do love to relax after a long stressful day with a glass of wine on occasion.  I also enjoy pairing a great wine with a great meal to spice up a boring dinner.
FlipFlop Wines was created by organic vegetable farmer turned vintner David Georges in 2009.  His goal is to stay true to each wine's varietal character, and to make great tasting wines that don't break the bank.
I was sent the Pinot Grigio, one of my favorite types of wine, and the Riesling.  With another brand I've tried, I like the pinot grigio best and didn't like the riesling, but this time that was 'flip flopped' (pun intended).

Speaking of 'flip flopped', have you ever noticed when you look through a wine glass that's how everything is... flipped upside down?
My Review:  With the flipflop brand I thought the Pinot Grigio didn't have enough of a zing to it and didn't seem to be as crisp as the brand I like- it just fell a little flat for me.  It did go down smooth though and didn't have a bad aftertaste or bite.  My husband tried a glass also but wasn't interested in finishing it.

The next night I took what was left of the Pinot Grigio and the
Riesling for girls craft night at a friends house.  The first thing that came up was that we didn't need a wine opener... it's a twist off cap!  My friends thought the Pinot was dry but all were in favor of the Riesling.  I liked it also, which surprised me as I usually find it too sweet.  This was very smooth and tasted great.  One impressed friend said 'This is a really good Riesling!".

At only $7 a bottle, Flipflop wines is easy on the pocketbook and the convenient twist-off cap makes it great for taking on a picnic with your significant other or hanging out in the backyard with friends.  No need to use a wine opener, you can stay relaxed and enjoy the evening.  The label itself is really cute too, but it also makes drinking wine a no-brainer.

On the back of every bottle it tells you what that type of wine tastes like, whether it's dry, sweet or in between, and what foods to pair it with!  So no matter what your taste, you'll find something you like... to each, their own!
FlipFlop Wines has also partnered with Soles4Souls, and for each bottle of  wine purchased they'll donate a pair of shoes to someone in need (up to 100,000 pairs for the first 100,000 bottles sold).  The number of barefoot orphaned children, in Sub-Saharan Africa alone, is estimated to be above 20 million!

FlipFlop Wines can be purchased online at Underdog Wine Merchants, but they don't currently ship to all states yet so check to see if yours is listed.  If you're in CA you can probably purchase it locally.  You can also connect with Flip Flop Wines on Facebook and Twitter... Cheers!

Disclosure:  I was sent 2 free bottles of wine for the purpose of this review, no other compensation was received.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and completely honest.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt- Wordless Wednesday

These are a few of the pictures from the Easter egg hunt out at the Grandparent's house.  Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day!


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PetCakes Winner... and Tag, You're It!

Congratulations to the PetCakes giveaway winner:
#48. pridelandmama said...
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I was also tagged by Nicole over at Lulu Tutu Photo awhile back and now have to hurry up and answer the following list of items so I can 'tag' someone else... I hate being 'it'.

Here is how it works:

  • Answer the "About Me" questions
  • Pass it on to a few other RAD bloggers

So here goes...
A list of favorites!

Food: Grilled Tilapia
Color: PINK  ;)
Animal:  we don't have, or want, pets but little puppies are cute
Dessert: strawberry cheesecake
Artist: Katy Perry & Eminem
Pair of Shoes: Skechers
Outfit: fave jeans from Maurices with flutter-sleeve top
Skinny Jeans: I've never worn or particularly liked this style
Brand: Depends on the product but I like LG, Skechers, Little Tikes
Perfume: Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly
Accessory: my wedding ring from Jared's and Tommy Hilfiger purse  
City: Savannah, GA
Hobby: photography
Beauty Product: I almost always wear lengthening mascara- blackest black
Holiday: 4th of July or Thanksgiving- no gifts to buy, just good food & family (and fireworks on the 4th!)
Snack: Popcorn with M&Ms
Movie: Princess Bride
Music: Pop, Rock, Oldies
Guilty Pleasure: McDonald's Caramel Frappe

And I know a lot of awesome bloggers, but here are the four I'm tagging:

Adventures with 3 Girls
A Time Out for Mommy
Carma Sez
Hey?! A Mom can Dream!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trivia TWOsday- Week #7 {#linky}

Welcome to Trivia TWOsday hosted by Marvelous Mommy, NapTime Momtog, and me!  This fun new meme is a great way to get to know each other!  Each week there will be 2 trivia questions to answer about yourself , questions like- What’s your favorite…, Have you ever…, This or That…

Trivia TWOsday

How It Works:
  • Answer the provided trivia questions.
  • Please grab the Trivia TWOsday Button and display it in your post or on your blog.
  • Become a follower of all 3 hosts that way you can keep up to date on future posts, although this isn’t required to participate.
This weeks questions:
1.  Do you have an answering machine (or do you have a landline phone)?
2.  Do you like salt & vinegar chips?
1)  No, we do not have an answering machine or a landline phone... we only use our cell phones.  It's just cheaper, easier, and more convenient for us.  And yes, I do teach my young kids how to use the cell phone in case of emergency.

2)  I like salt & vinegar chips but only every once in awhile, and can't eat too many of them at one time.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Guest Posting Today...!!

Please visit me over at Marvelous Mommy's today, I'm guest posting on "Decorating with Dollar$ and ¢ents".  If you've never checked out Amy's blog (aka. Marvelous Mommy), you're in for a treat!  After you read my guest post, and hopefully leave some comment love ;), feel free to check out the rest of Amy's blog.  She has 2 beautiful little girls- the recent one, little Haley, who was just born a month ago today.

Marvelous Mommy

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's Easter Weekend...

We interrupt your regular scheduled programming (Weekend Wind Down) to bring you...
Easter Weekend!

Today is a busy, busy day!!  Boiling and coloring eggs- I did silk-tie egg dyeing last year but opted to let the girls color them with food coloring this year.

Headed to the store for last minute items for tomorrow's dinner and a few more 'goodies' for the girls baskets.  I need to sew a small part of my 5 year olds Easter dress.

And then finish putting together their Easter baskets tonight, which are nearly done but need finishing touches.  Hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!!

Cleaning up on Earth Day

We had a good time going out and cleaning up yesterday for Earth Day.  Though I wish the weather would've been like it is today (sunny & 66°), instead it was cold and rainy.
Nevertheless, we went out in our B Kind 2 Earth Day shirts, coats, and gloves and picked up around the neighborhood.  My girls actually said it was fun picking up garbage- gotta love a child's enthusiasm, even for picking up trash.  If only everyone felt that way, or better yet, if people just didn't throw trash on the ground to begin with!
Hope you all had a wonderful Earth Day and that you were able to do something kind for the Earth.  And remember, it's not just about the one day... these are things we should be conscious of throughout the whole year.  Make an effort to do something earth-friendly at least once a month and it'll become a good habit that will hopefully last a lifetime, and maybe even rub off on the people around you.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Raising a well-rounded child...

I participated in a survey recently from a mom site regarding children and education.  Some of the questions were similar to (not verbatim), What's more important- that your child have a good education or be socially capable?  Would you do anything to help your child succeed?
I think that most parents want BOTH for their child (though that wasn't an exact option on the survey).  And really they kind of go hand in hand- if you teach your child to have good social skills, then that can lead to success in life.  Every person should strive to be well rounded... I don't think an extreme in either direction is ideal.  And I think most parents would do everything they could to help their child... helping with homework, utilizing a company such as StudyPoint for in-home tutoring options when it's necessary, enrolling them in organized sports, participating in after-school programs.

But can that go too far... is it possible to push your child too hard?  Most parents would get their child a tutor if they were struggling in school, but would you get them tutoring or classes to make them excel past their grade level?  To get them into college early?  To push them into a specific career path?  Force them to continue in a sport they didn't enjoy?

Even though my oldest daughter is just now in Kindergarten, I realize it's important that we give her the best start possible.  We opted for school of choice to get her into a better school, and if she needed tutoring or extra help you can bet we'd get it for her.  But even though I want my kids to do well in school, I don't want them to become obsessed with a grade or 'winning' in a sport... I don't want them to be consumed by succeeding in everything they do.  I think it's just as important to know how to cope when you do fail at something and learn how to go on from there.

And I think success can be interpreted differently by different people.  Your definition of success may not necessarily include being monetarily wealthy.  If your child grows up to always be kind to others and has a social conscience- would you consider them successful?  And would you consider yourself a success for raising them that way?

$20 GC to Pear Tree Greetings {#Giveaway}

Parents of Grads listen up:  Pear Tree is still running their Grad Contest thru May 1st and are giving away $11k to 2011 graduates!!  Check out the contest and enter for a chance to win $6000 for your high school grad for 1st place, $3,000 for 2nd place, and $2,000 for 3rd place.  That would go a long way in getting Graduation Announcements, Invitations, and Thank You cards plus money for college essentials!
Not planning a Graduation just yet?  Perhaps your children are still little like mine, but are celebrating a birthday coming up.  Pear Tree Greetings has added fabulous new kid's birthday party invitations, thank you cards, gift tags, and address labels.
Also, with Spring finally here and Easter this Sunday, you can still send out Easter Photo Cards to send to friends and family.  Show them how cute your little ones looked dressed in their Easter best.  And for helpful tips on taking outdoor Spring photos, check out the Pear Tree blog.
Use exclusive coupon code EASTER11 for 10% off a $25 order on anything Easter... Hoppy Shopping!

Ready for the Giveaway...?

1 lucky reader is going to win a $20 GC good for anything at Pear Tree Greetings!!

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This contest ends on 4/30/11 at 11:59 pm EST. Open to U.S. residents only.  The winner will be drawn via random.org and has 48 hours to respond to winning notification email before another winner is drawn.  Please make sure your email is visible on your profile or leave with your comment(s).  Giveaway will be in the form of a gift code good thru 5/31/11.

Disclosure:  As a Pearista for Pear Tree Greetings I am occasionally sent product in exchange for my review.  No other form of compensation is received.  The opinions and thoughts I’ve shared with these products are 100% my own and yours may differ.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day Block Cleanup Party!!

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd.  Are you looking for ways to help?
Check out B Kind 2 Earth Day on Facebook.  They have all kinds of ideas for ways to join in, click the 'Great Resources' link on the left-hand side of their page.  You can also take the pledge to do something kind for the Earth on Earth Day.  Click on the 'Your State' link on their page and fill out the form.  Then share your own idea and post it on their wall.

My family's pledge for Earth Day is to cleanup our neighborhood!

We live on a somewhat busy street, and there is constant trash that gets blown or thrown onto our front lawn.  We're going to start with our yard and then move around the block... and hopefully inspire some of our neighbors to come out and join us.

Cleaning up the Neighborhood
by my 5 yr. old

Each person, young or old, can take part on Earth Day.  And it doesn't have to be something big, every little bit helps.  Some other ideas on how you can help:
  • Plant a tree
  • Start a garden
  • Build a birdhouse
  • Walk instead of drive
  • Shorten your shower time
  • Take reusable bags to the store
  • Cleanup your own neighborhood or local park
So how will you help this Earth Day?  Do you already have plans to help, if not have you hopefully become inspired to join in?

We only have one Earth... let's preserve it for future generations!

Catching some Zzzz's #WordlessWednesday

I love how kids can fall asleep almost anywhere when they're all tuckered out.  Here's a couple different pics of my 18 month old after a long day of playing.

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Wordish Wednesday

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get a 6pk. of Thank You cards for $1

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER from Pear Tree Greetings...
April 20th (at 8am) & 21st get a 6 pk. of thank you cards for $1 (you get two of each fun style shown above). Shipping is FREE! There are only 5,000 packs available for purchase, so hurry & get yours:  http://www.peartreegreetings.com/content.jsp?pageName=one-dollar-thank-you-cards

And check back here on my blog soon for a $20 GC giveaway to Pear Tree Greetings!!

My Baby Clothes Boutique $25 GC WINNER!!

Congratulations to.....

#81. Lola G said...
I posted this on FB
Congrats on winning the $25 GC to My Baby Clothes Boutique... happy shopping!

Trivia TWOsday- Week #6 {#linky}

Welcome to Trivia TWOsday hosted by Marvelous Mommy, NapTime Momtog, and me!  This fun new meme is a great way to get to know each other!  Each week there will be 2 trivia questions to answer about yourself , questions like- What’s your favorite…, Have you ever…, This or That…

Trivia TWOsday

How It Works:
  • Answer the provided trivia questions.
  • Please grab the Trivia TWOsday Button and display it in your post or on your blog.
  • Become a follower of all 3 hosts that way you can keep up to date on future posts, although this isn’t required to participate.

Favorite candy bar?
I'm a fan of most candy bars (a girl's gotta have her chocolate), but I think one of my faves is definitely 3 Musketeers!

Automatic or Stick Shift?
I prefer an automatic but can drive a stick shift if I have to.


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