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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Original Sprout- Worry-Free luxury for your family! {Review, Black Friday Special, & Discount Code}

As a mommy of 3 kids, I've tried a lot of baby products.  Some were good and some were... well not so good!  Which is money down the drain, quite literally sometimes, and I hate wasting money.  I also worry about whether what I'm putting on my kids' skin and hair could possibly be harming them... is it really safe.  Well here's a company that addresses the concerns of parents that are looking for products with safe ingredients for their family.
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Original Sprout is a line of natural, high-performance hair and skin care products.  It's a family-run company located in San Luis Obispo, CA that was founded by master stylist Inga Tritt.  She began the company in 2003 after the birth of her daughter.  Because Original Sprout's products were created by a master stylist and mother, they bridge the gap between safe ingredients and salon performance perfectly.

I love that Original Sprout is made in the USA and has completely safe ingredients.  It's 100% Vegan and is free of ingredients that are associated with estrogen enhancement, hormone disruption, cancer and autism such as Phytoestrogens, Soy, Parabens, Gluten, Dixoanes from Sulfates, Phthalates & Formaldehyde.  Amazingly those ingredients are still found in many baby products.


I first tried the Scrumptious Baby Cream and let me tell you, 'scrumptious' is definitely the right word to describe it.  It was soft and creamy- it went on effortlessly and soaked in quickly.  And it smelled heavenly, way better than any other 'baby smelling' product I've ever used!  Even my husband was impressed with this stuff and asked where we could buy more.  Trust me, after using the Scrumptious Baby Cream you'll be hooked!


The Miracle Detangler also lived up to its name.  I don't have too much of a need for it yet, as my girls all have pretty fine hair- even my curly haired daughter still has fine hair.  I think as they get older and their hair gets thicker I'll be using this more.  I did use it on my 5 yr. old though who has poker straight hair but gets knots in it every once in awhile.  It worked like a charm after bath time, her hair was silky soft and no tangles!  You can actually use it on wet or straight hair and it smells great too.

It's easy to see why Original Sprout is out-selling other brands in boutiques, salons, and health food stores and has it's own celebrity following also.  You can buy Original Sprout online and from these retailers.

Right now Original Sprout has their Black Friday Special going on (11/23- 11/28) where you get a FREE 4oz. Scrumptious Baby Cream with any purchase over $24.99... but that's not all... you can also get 10% OFF your first online order using code FIRST_ORDER_10-U.
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And get this great Holiday Trio for only $9.99!  The perfect starter set for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend (they'll definitely thank you).

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Disclosure:  I was given a product for the purpose of this review, no other compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% my own and yours may differ.


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