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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shopping for Car Insurance

We all know we need it for those just-in-case moments, you definitely don’t want to be caught in a situation without car insurance or without the proper coverage, but are you sure you're not paying too much for it?

I hate overpaying for anything, so I always shop around for car insurance when my current policy is about to be up.  It can sometimes seem easier and less of a hassle just to continue to stay with the company you already have.  But in some cases that may not be the best bang for your buck.  Your car insurance company could literally be driving away with your money.  But who really has the time to call each individual car insurance company to a get a quote?  I know as a busy mom of 3 kids I don’t!
Well when you visit Auto Insurance Select you can get quotes from up to six top auto insurance companies including Allstate, Progressive, Nationwide, and MetLife.  It's all in one place online... and it's Free.  It's simple and easy, just enter the state where you live and get quotes quickly, all at your fingertips.  You can compare the rates and determine what’s best for you, saving you time and money and giving you peace of mind knowing you’re completely covered when you’re on the road.

They also have informative articles on how to compare auto insurance companies, tips on lowering your rate, factors that may be affecting your rate, and top frequently asked questions to help you get all the answers you need before selecting something as important as your car insurance.

Some of the ways to lower your rates from their website are:

1. Collect As Many Car Insurance Quotes As Possible

Like anything else, it pays to shop around a bit for car insurance. By collecting as many quotes as possible, you can make a more educated decision - and you can end up saving, big time. The Internet makes collecting a large number of quotes easy.

2. Ask For Higher Deductibles

The higher your deductible is for things like collision coverage, the less you will pay for your auto insurance premium. Raising your deductible from $200 to $500 - or even $1,000 - can save you 15% to more than 40%. Make sure you have the cash to pay that deductible if the need arises.

3. Research Insurance Rates Before You Buy A Car

Check how much that new car will cost you for auto insurance. Get car insurance quotes to find out if it will be affordable. Remember that a new car brings costs beyond its sticker price along with it; plan accordingly.

4. Bundle Up Your Plans

Find out if the insurance company who provides your homeowners or renters insurance also offers car insurance. Many times, bundling up on insurance policies can save you a lot of money. Ask your current insurer for car insurances quotes to see if any sort of discount applies.

5. Lower The Coverage On Older Cars

If your car is getting up there in years, it's not financially reasonable to keep paying for full coverage on it. Ask for car insurance quotes for a pared down policy that will still keep your car legal - but that won't cause you to pay for unreasonable levels of coverage.

6. Ask For A Low Mileage Discount

Are you one of those people who tends to stick close to home most of the time? Do you work close to home - or at home? Chances are, you'll qualify for a low mileage discount. Before requesting car insurance quotes, let the agencies know that you're a low mileage driver.

7. Your Credit Score May Affect Your Car Insurance Quotes

Many auto insurance providers take a driver's credit rating into consideration when coming up with car insurance premiums. If your credit is so-so - or poor - work on improving it. Once it's improved, ask for a new quote and see how much you can save.

8. Find Out About Group Discounts

Do you belong to any clubs, organizations or associations? If so, you might qualify for a group discount on your auto insurance. Be sure to run all of the clubs you belong to by your insurance agent before asking for car insurance quotes - it could save you money, big time.

9. Pay Your Premium In Full

Sometimes, car insurance companies charge additional fees for customers who pay their premiums on installment plans. If possible, try to pay your insurance premium in full to avoid those fees. Be sure to ask about the cost of those fees when getting car insurance quotes.

10. Keep A Clean Driving Record

It should go without saying, but try to avoid getting tickets whenever possible. A clean driving records goes a long way toward saving money on auto insurance. Be careful about who you lend your car too, also - if they have an accident in your vehicle, that claim can affect your car insurance rates in the future.

11. Invest In Anti-Theft Devices

Whether you live in a high crime area or not, it never hurts to have anti-theft devices installed on your vehicle. By telling your agent about those devices, you can enjoy a significant savings on your car insurance quotes. The amount you'll save will more than pay for that initial investment.

12. Take A Driver's Education Course

Driver's education courses aren't just for sixteen year olds. In fact, taking a refresher course every now and then - and providing your insurance company with documented proof that you took it - can save you a bundle on car insurance. Driver's safety courses are also excellent options. This training saves you money and helps you be a safer driver, too.

Disclosure:  This was a sponsored post brought to you by Auto Insurance Select.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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