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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Talk vs. The View

Did you watch The Talk at all last week?  It aired on CBS for it's first full week, 2pm ET 1p PT/CT, and is co-hosted by Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Reminy, and their 'street reporter' Marissa Jaret Winokur who are all mom's, with kids ranging in age from infant to adult.  The concept for the show was actually Sarah Gilbert's idea, stemming from her questions and confusion as a new mom.
I happened to catch it on in the middle of the week and thought it was pretty good.  My first reaction was surprise, because I had never even heard about it before this, and my second reaction was 'oh, it's just like The View, just different hosts'.

I've watched The View quite a few times before, but not regularly, and found it to be a little uncomfortable to watch- a bunch of women sitting around, usually talking over each other, and more often than not talking politics... I've turned the channel to something else quite a few times while watching it.  The Talk was a little awkward to watch at times also, the chemistry between them just isn't there yet, and it was a lot of 'oh you go ahead' being repeated as they tried not to all talk at once several times.  But I think I'll be watching it some more, it seems to be based more for moms than The View.

So if you've seen The Talk, what's your take?  Is this better than The View, worse, pretty much the same, or do you think it's a whole new concept with just the same 'talk show' platform?  Or could you care less about either?


KIM said...

I actually watch both. I only watch The View the first few minutes just to hear the hot topics of the day and The Talk I watched every show last week, and I agree they just don't have chemistry yet but I find it to be more appealing to me then The View because they talk about topics I want to know about as a parent versus politics and what not.

blueviolet said...

I stopped watching the View about a year ago, and I admit I'm curious about The Talk but I hardly ever watch tv during the day. I'll have to look and see when it airs here!

Julie Jabbers said...

I watched the first show on the first day that the talk aired, haven't seen one since. I'm not sure about the cast, think I need to watch it again a few times before I make any decisions. I do watch the view a few times a week. I don't care for how they talk over each other, but I love Joy B.'s sense of humor and Whoopi Goldberg is a hoot. Barbara Walters should retire, I haven't ever cared for her. I wish the talk, much good luck because I think its really hard to pull off a successful and lasting talk shows these days

Kelli said...

I am a huge fan of "The View"... I admire their honesty and passion for the topics they discuss. They often have different perspectives which keep the discussions interesting. I really can't get into "The Talk"... To me, it just appears to be a rip off of "The View"... They even go from the discussion around the desk to having a guest on the couch... there is ZERO originality. I don't think I will ever find myself watching this again. The title is very generic, as well.

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