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Friday, October 8, 2010

Time for Tea

Well it's Fall, and I have my first official cold of the season.  It's nothing major... started with a stuffy nose, then a little scratchy throat, and now just feeling run down.

So I actually broke out the one box of tea I have in the cupboard, and I never drink tea (I'm a coffee drinker).  But with having the above symptoms, I felt like sipping on a hot cup of tea with honey and lemon.
If I have it right before bed, it usually helps clear my nose & makes my throat feel better, plus helps me sleep really well.  Yay for tea... what are some of your cold remedies?



Valery said...

Hi i am a new follower and I was wondering how did you get the random.org buttons to show the numbers in your post? Love your blog.

Julie Jabbers said...

I would do a VICKS rub commerical, because I swear by vicks vapor rub! A dab under the nose, on the chest, your lymph nodes, works like magic:)

Crinthia said...

Yes I would have to say vicks does the trick for me. As well as a good hot soup! I hope you feel better soon. Btw, I have killed 5 mice in my house >.< eeekkk! I hope that is the last of them

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