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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Link up with the Weekend Wind Down plus more!

I'm a little late getting this is up, but welcome to the Weekend Wind Down!  If you've never linked up before, this is a really simple blog hop... I know it's the weekend and you've got lots to do so it's meant to be relaxing, no stress!
1)  Link up your Blog
2)  Visit other blogs
3)  Comment, Follow... or not, no pressure
4)  Add the WWD button to your blog or post... not required but would be super awesome.  ;)

Springtime Flower
This photo is linked up with SOOC Saturday

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DeyiMizu said...

Already followed you via GFC so followed u via NB:)


sugarpuffish said...

I'm new to this & what a wonderful idea, I've found so many great blogs including yours :)

Kelly @ In Everything said...

super pic... did you do it with your Rebel??? Just wondering what lenses you use, too??

Shabnam Ahsan said...

New follower to your blog. Great hop, plzzz follow both of mine


thanks in advance

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Susie

I'm new to the blog hop and I'm delighted to discover your blog! I am your latest follower. I hope you'll join me at Create With Joy!


P.S. We're discussing blog design this week - when you stop by, be sure to share your thoughts! :-)

Nicole said...

Pretty! Did it come from your yard? My daffodils are up and look the same!

Pinching Abe said...

I'm a new follower :) Please stop by to visit soon. Have a great and relaxing Sunday!

Lexie Lane said...

Following you here from Surf and Relax Sunday Blog Hop.

Please come visit us at voiceBoks - The Voice of Motherhood and be part of our new Directory that is set to launch on May 23rd. Also find out what everyone's saying, doing, etc. There, you'll also meet a really great group of wonderful women who love to connect and meet new people.

Have a lovely week!

Take Care,

Lexie Lane

P.S. Please come and join our year long Hop with Hopper Strategized when you have a chance!

Michelle Maskaly said...

Thank you for hosting!

Michelle @ The Adirondack Chick

Christy said...

You now have a new follower, Can you please Follow back?

Tweet with me on Twitter to.

Become a fan on my Christina's voice Fan page.

Thanks have a great day!

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