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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Planning a themed costume party for your child's birthday?

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween anymore.  If you’re planning a themed birthday party for your child, why not complete the look and get them their own costume to wear?  You can do a princess, superhero, or animal theme and get everything you need for your child at a costume store.

My oldest daughter is turning 6 in another month and really wants a Barbie themed birthday party.  And I know she would love to wear this Barbie costume to her party- it’s from her favorite Barbie movie.
You can shop for Halloween Costumes | Plus Size Costumes | Childrens Costumes all at one costume store.  Have you ever done a costume birthday party for your child, or has your child ever been to one before?


Kathy said...

What a fun post! I love theme parties. My duaghter has gone to Prnicess parties where the girls get all dressed up, and for her 8th birthday we did a tea party where the girls got dressed up and brought their dolls. But, I've never done a "costume" party. Sounds like so much fun! And, who could resist Barbie! I hope you post pictures when you do it!

RHoNW said...

My girls have been dressing up for their birthday parties for a couple of years...we have had a princess, Fancy Nancy, a monkey, and a race car driver. I LOVE it when they dress up!

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