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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Toddler is on a Milk Strike!

My youngest is 19 mos. old and since I stopped giving her a bottle (a month ago) she hasn't been drinking any milk.  She has always had juice and water from a cup but when it came to her milk she was only drinking it out of a bottle, and still preferred it warm.

I was told to just cut her off 'cold turkey' basically and that she'd eventually get used to it.  My other girls did it this way and they ended up drinking milk from a cup just fine.

Not my toddler though, oh no... she refuses to drink any milk.  In fact, if you try to trick her and get her to drink it, she spits it right out!  I've tried regular sippy cups, cups with straws, cups with soft spouts, cups with hard spouts... nothing is working.

I'm now starting to doubt myself and wondering whether I should give in and let her have a bottle.  My oldest was off a bottle right at a year old, my middle daughter took a couple months longer, and now my youngest is taking the longest yet.  I really hadn't been that concerned about it though, thinking she'd do it when she was ready, until I went to the doctor and they said I should take away her bottle before it got any harder.
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Do health professionals just make a big deal out of this for nothing?  Are they pushing us parents to make our children do things they aren't really ready for?

My daughter is eating yogurt and will eat a somewhat good variety of food.  I just worry of course that now she isn't getting the proper amount of calcium.

When did your baby give up the bottle and drink milk out of a cup?  Any specific cup or tips/tricks that worked best for you?


Kathy said...

Yes, I think doctors just like to drive us crazy!! Lol! I am not a doctor, so my opinon does not carry any real weight but I will tell you that I let each of my kids have their bottle till they were two. I felt that if you could nurse a baby till two then why not a bottle. I know eveyone may not agree with me here and that is fine. I think as moms we should listen to the pros, listen to our friends and then do what we think is best. You are her mother, you know what she needs. If it is just the calicum you are worrying about I would find out the recomended amount "they" are looking for and see if she gets close to that with yougurt, cheese, brocli and other claicum rich foods, you can even get calicum fortified OJ. Just a thought. But you do know best, she is yours! I love your blog, and thank you for always leaving such lovely comments on my site! Thanks for being a fun read!

blueviolet said...

I went right from breast to cup with mine. I skipped the bottle completely, so I'm probably not any help at all!

Erin said...

I agree with Kathy. Do what you think is right. The bottle fairy visited our house when my daughter turned one. It took her about a week. But she was refusing milk occasionally for several months. Because she's so skinny, our doctor said she needed the calories anyways and recommended using a flavored milk or Pedisure milk (drawing a blank on what their really called. Is that right?) So we gave her flavored milks. After we got her drinking them from the cups, we slowly lessened the flavoring until it was just straight milk (took about a month). She's 3 now. We can't get her to touch juice. She just wants milk or water! I actually find myself telling her no to water and telling her she has to drink her chocolate milk before getting water! (she still needs the extra calories so we do Chocolate milk 2x a day) Hang in there and know that by showing concern you're proving you're a great mommy!

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