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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cleaning the Coffee Maker

EDITED:  I originally said 'cleaning the coffee pot' but realized that can just mean the carafe... what I meant was the whole coffee maker.  Oops!  :p

So I decided to finally clean my coffee maker today (it hasn't been done in quite awhile).  I'm not sure why I'm so neglectful when it comes to cleaning it.  I love to have my cup of coffee in the morning, in fact I even wrote an ode about it.  Well probably not an ode according to the actual definition of one, but an ode to my Mr. Coffee nonetheless.

I didn't take any pictures but trust me when I say it was pretty badly coffee stained (inside the water reservoir & underneath the lid was the worst, but also the filter basket).  So I ran vinegar thru it like your supposed to, but it barely made a dent in the grime!  I also had to add some dish soap and scrub with a dish rag.  Then I ran a full pot of just water thru it to rinse out any vinegar or soap.  That helped quite a bit and now it looks a ton better than it did! 

Do you actually clean your coffee maker once a month like recommended?  And is that the secret to getting the vinegar 'cleanse' to work?  Did it not work for me because I'm not keeping up on it?  Or is there some other secret I'm missing out on... please share if you have one!!



Kassandra said...

My stepmom had us clean the pot every night. I am disgusted with my hubby because he never cleans it. I try to clean it as much as possible so it doesn't get stained since it is my coffee maker and pot even though I don't drink coffee.

Midnite Skys said...

Sure I do.
Ok so I try to at least once a month.

Ok I clean it when I remember!

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