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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Uneaks/ CSN Stores Review

You may or may not have seen my sneak-peek for this review, but here is my actual review now...

I was given the opportunity to review a product from CSN Stores and since my daughter needs new shoes, I decided to go with a pair of Uneaks.  I've been seeing these around the web and have been wanting to get a pair for my daughter for awhile now.

I went with the Uneaks Paris shoe in Pearlized Pink and was super excited to get them.  The navigation of the website is easy and the ordering process is simple.  Though I did have to call CSN customer service because the Uneaks description was a little unclear for some of the shoes & socks (ie. it showed x # of socks in the picture, but said it was y # of socks in the description).  And the picture it shows of these shoes is this:

When really they look like this:

Once that was figured out, I placed the order and it arrived quickly and with no issues.  When my daughter opened the box she loved the look of the shoes and the cool, colorful socks.  However, when she tried them on, she said they hurt her feet.  When I asked her if her toes hurt, she said no, but the sides of her feet did.  So the length/ size of the shoe was the right fit but these shoes were too narrow for her.  And my daughter's feet are fairly small & narrow- she's 5 yrs. old and wears a size 9 1/2.  So my final assessment of these shoes is that they run very narrow.  They do have other styles of the Uneaks shoes to choose from so they may not all be like that, but for us the Paris style was too narrow.

In the end, I returned the shoes (free return shipping) and opted not to try another pair.  I'll just stick to buying my daughter shoes from the store so she can try them on beforehand.  The customer service team was super friendly and helpful every time I called though and went the extra mile to help me.  The one rep even called the warehouse to double check what exactly gets shipped with one of the sock packages.  So even though I was disappointed that the shoes didn't fit, I was very happy with the CSN Stores shopping experience and will actually be trying another product from them in the very near future.  I haven't decided what yet but will share when I do.



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