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Sunday, June 6, 2010

5th Birthday Gifts

   My oldest daughter's 5th birthday is only days away…. aahhh!!  Where did the time go, when did my little girl grow up?!  Thankfully she still is a little girl and wants an Ariel themed cake and party, instead of something like Hannah Montana!  And for gifts, now that she’s in school she wants books, stuff to practice her writing, and coloring stuff.  I’m always on the search for fun educational kids toys for my girls so this tickled me pink to hear her say that.

   She of course will still play with almost any toy, and I know she'll love anything we get for her, but she really is into her notebooks, pencils, markers, etc. and things that challenge her.  One of her Christmas gifts was a dry erase board with letter, number, and writing template sheets to practice on and she really enjoys it.  She also received a Melissa & Doug Magnetic Dress-Up Doll and loves playing with it.  And I just seen they have a line of Decorate Your Own kits for kids (jewelry box, mirror, bookmarks, etc.), which I know she would have a fun time doing.

So in addition to her books and writing stuff, some of the other gifts she’ll be getting is a hula hoop, jump rope, play doh set, clothes, shoes, & a sleeping bag (for trips to the Grandparent’s).  And this year she'll be getting her very first piece of jewelry (none of our girls have their ears pierced)... a 'Big Sister' necklace.  I think she's going to really love it and feel so grown up wearing it.  Now that she's getting older, her birthday and Christmas gifts are reflecting that.  I'm so proud and so sad to see her growing up... it's such a bittersweet milestone to have her turning 5 and starting Kindergarten in the fall! 

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