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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Wind Down {Swimsuit Edition}

For this Weekend Wind Down, I'm making it my swimsuit edition, since this is the first weekend in June and summer is officially right around the corner.   No you don't have to post any pics if you don't want to, just share a bathing suit or beach/swimming related post and link up.  Also I'd love if you'd snag the WWD button (left sidebar) to add to your post, and remember that the linky list is open both Sat. & Sun.

Some of you may have seen my post on shopping for jeans (I don't generally have good luck when shopping), and now here is my bathing suit shopping experience... and the new swimsuit that came home with me!

I basically started at the same stores as I did for jeans- Kohl's and Macy's.  I almost bought a designer suit from Macy's, which aside from being very pricey was really cute, but I just didn't think I could pull off a bikini this year.  I've lost most of my baby weight since having my daughter 8 mos. ago but my tummy & um backside, still aren't toned back down where they used to be (I'm not sure if they ever will be).  So after explaining to my hubby (he really liked the suit) that I wouldn't be comfortable wearing the bikini to the pool with the kids, we left Macy's and headed to Meijer.

And that's where I found this suit by Free Country, swim separates to mix and match.  They don't sell their apparel directly to consumers at this time, but they can be bought from these retailers.  It's a halterkini top and skirted bottom with built in bikini bottom underneath and pull strings on the side (you can make the skirt a little longer or shorter depending on your mood).  So I'm covered up and confident while swimming and still look stylish... I love my new suit!



casey aubut said...

I love my new Tankini suit from Hapari! Def ot ready for bikini season- but a month from now- watch out! hahahah!! :)

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