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Friday, May 21, 2010

Family Camping Trip

So my hubby and I have been talking about taking the girls camping, or rather I should say when we think we'll be able to take them camping.  The oldest is 5 years old and the youngest is 8 months old... so yeah, I'm not sure if there's a camping trip in the very near future or not.  But still, it’s something we think the girls would enjoy (our oldest has been fishing with her daddy and loved it), and though I'm not a very outdoorsy gal (I like being able to use an actual toilet and not have massive amounts of bugs trying to eat me alive), it could be a fun time.  So while this is still probably a ways off for us, until all the girls are potty trained at least, there is an alternative.
Instead of actual outdoorsy in-the-woods camping, we could put up a tent in our backyard!  It’s not as 'real' but definitely easier on mommy & daddy.  We could still roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories (nothing too scary), play shadow puppets, look at the stars, and then fall asleep all snuggled up in our sleeping bags.  Ok well we probably wouldn’t be able to do this in our backyard since we live in the city, but maybe out at the grandparent’s house in the country.  Then it’d feel like we were actually in the great outdoors, but we’d still have the luxuries of a toilet!

This idea is actually starting to appeal more and more to me.  I think I’ll have to bring this up to dear old grandpa the next time we talk.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind us camping out in his backyard sometime this summer.  And as long as I have plenty of bug spray, and don’t forget the S’mores (though if I do, I‘m sure the ingredients would be in the house that would be conveniently located very close to us), I think I’ll be able to tough it out!  First ever sort-of camping trip with kids… here we come!!

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Susan said...

We've enjoyed exactly one camp out in the backyard and it was great! We need to do some more for sure. Hope you guys do it!

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