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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting To Know You

Join in the fun over at MannLand5

1. The most expensive thing hanging in my closet is.....?
I don't spend a lot on clothes, so probably the most expensive item is around $35, a black dress shirt.

2. Have you ever played a team sport?
Yes, in High School I played volleyball and ran track & cross country.

3. If you were a bug, what kind would you be?
Interesting question, I don't like bugs but I guess if I was one I'd be a butterfly (if I could skip the whole caterpillar part) or ladybug.  I'd have to be a bug that could fly so people wouldn't step on me.

4. Where on your body is the worst place to get sunburned? (thanks Ian)
Uh, anywhere!  But I especially hate getting burned on my back or chest since then wearing shirts is unbearable.

5. Are you happy?
In most things, Yes! But there are times when I could have a more positive outlook on life.

6. People are always abbreviating..are there any abbreviations that make your skin crawl when people use them?
None that I can think of at the moment, so I guess it doesn't really bother me that much.  Though I think LOL is a tad over-used.

7. Do you love where you live..or could you live anywhere?
No, I do not love where I live- this includes the house, neighborhood, and even the state.  I'd love if we lived back down south in Georgia or either of the Carolina's.

8. What, if any, extreme measures do you go to to keep yourself from overeating when you're full?
Thankfully, I've never had any issues with weight or overeating so this isn't a concern.



Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Haha, I hate getting burnt on my back too - it's the worst!

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