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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I splurged... and a funny!

So I had to go out grocery shopping today (hiss, boo- not one of my fave things to do) and decided to take my 2 year old daughter with me.  After feeding everyone else lunch, somehow missing myself, we left to head to Meijer, leaving daddy home with the other 2 girls.  On the way I realized I wasn't going to make it if I didn't stop to eat, so I pulled into the McDonald's drive-thru (I know, NOT the best choice).  I ordered a McDouble (only $1) and my splurge item... a Caramel Frappe!!
These things are DI-VINE!!  Just one tiny little negative- it has 24g of fat, 15 of which are from saturated fat (ok, not so tiny)... YIKES!  Definitely not something you want to indulge in on a daily basis, but every once in awhile when you want a little taste of heaven- sure, why not!  So after paying for my order we continued on to Meijer.  I ate my McDouble in the parking lot, then took my 2 yr. old and my frappe into the store.  Meijer has those cool shopping carts with the built in cup holders so I put my drink there while putting things into the cart.
  So while I'm busy grabbing baby food for the 8 month old at home, my 2 yr. old decides she wants to try out my caramel frappe.  I look up just in time to see her take a sip from the straw... and immediately spit it back out!  I tried to stop it by putting my hand under her chin (uh yeah, that didn't work).  It went all down her shirt, on her pants... and it was all over my hand, dripping on the floor.  It was so comical, I had to laugh!  And of course, I had opted not to bring a diaper bag so didn't have a thing to clean her up with.  But I did what any mother would do- headed over to the next aisle and opened up a baby wipes pack from off the shelf.  I had to buy it after that, but we use 'em like crazy in my house anyway, so it wasn't a waste!




LOL, I too am a fan of the McFrappe! I prefer the chocolate mocha, but you can't go wrong with either. And how many times have I too thought, " No diaper bag needed, I'll be in and out of here in no time"!! WRONG!
Atleast grab the wipes! What are we thinking?
Happy Weekend!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Haha kids are so funny. I leave the diaper bag out in the car all the time. Maybe I should start bringing it in! lol

No Weekend Wind Down today??? Today was gonna be my first day!

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