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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Wind Down {1st Edition}

Welcome to the very 1st edition of the Weekend Wind Down!  Let's hope this goes off without a hitch.  :)  I wanted to keep it super simple for my 1st time, so here it is:
  1. After a really stressful day, or week for that matter, what do you do to wind down & relax?
  2. Which do you prefer:  Bath or Shower?
  3. What's your favorite scent of body wash/soap?
Here's my answers:
  1. My fave thing to do to unwind is just being able to put my feet up and enjoy some quiet time.  There's always so much noise & chaos going on around me that if I can just hole up for a little while, have a glass of wine (White Zinfandel or Pinot Grigio), and watch some t.v. or read... I can then go back to my mad world and not lose my mind!
  2. Shower!  I generally have very limited time when I step into the bathroom so I have to go with what's quickest.  And really I'm just not a bath person... I can live without soaking in the tub.
  3. Hmm, favorite scent- I really like fruity smells like Mango or Cucumber Melon.  I also like Cherry Blossom.
Ok, now it's your turn- play along, add your link, visit other blogs, and have fun!
Remember, the fun goes all weekend long (Sat & Sun).



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