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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Wind Down {2nd Edition}- Mother's Day Update

Well it's the weekend again... YAY!  And Mother's Day is tomorrow, so for this edition I'm going to post with what my ULTIMATE MOTHER'S DAY GIFT would be.  Join in and link up, and then if you get a chance on Sunday, come back and update with what you actually got or did for Mother's Day.

Ok my ultimate Mother's Day gift.... hmm, the possibilities are endless.  Well I'm sure I should say something like, 'I just want to spend time with my family' or 'breakfast in bed and a card from the kids', and while that would be nice and I'm sure that's along the lines of what I will actually get, that doesn't mean it wouldn't be super cool for my hubby to get us tickets for two to a warm, sunny beach somewhere in the Carribean.  Ok, I know BIG WISH, but we haven't been on vacation in, well a REALLY LONG TIME!!
UPDATE:  I'm spending my Mother's Day SICK- sore throat, runny nose... the works!  Ugh, I love my family but this sucks!!  Definitely no vacation that's for sure!  We were supposed to go out to eat so now my hubby's going to make me a steak dinner at home.



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