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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm on a Rampage...

...a Robot Rampage, that is!

Robot Rampage is the newest episode of The Backyardigans that aired Friday (5/21) on Nick Jr.  My girls watched it that morning and I also recorded it to the DVR (it was set just in case they slept in).  Well since Friday, my 5 year old has asked to watch it EVERY SINGLE DAY!  And even right after she watches it, she asks to watch it again- thank goodness for technology (love our DVR).  So my kids have seen Robot Rampage at lease 5 times now (they watched it twice on Friday) , and today my daughter was singing along to all the songs... and even repeating some dialouge!  Here's a small snippet of the show and one of the songs, it is really cute if you haven't seen it: 



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