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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Big Girl Bed!

   So my 2 yr. old (the one that likes to sleep naked) has now graduated to a toddler bed!  She decided to climb out of her crib a few nights ago, thus immediately upgrading herself to the 'big girl' bed.  For her 1st night trying it out she fell asleep with no problem, only for us to hear 2 hours later... THUD... my poor baby oops, I mean 'big girl' fell out of the bed (those darn sides- they're too short)!! 
   After a long while being held and rocked by mommy (while checking for lumps on her head) she settled back down, and we decided to put her back in the crib for the rest of the night (better safe than sorry).  Then it came to me- the brilliant idea to take one of the bed rails off our 4 yr. olds bed (they're the extra long Summer Infant pink ones) and put it on the toddler bed.
   So now they both have 1 side of the bed up against the wall and the other side has a bed rail... HOORAY for mommy  (yeah, not so brilliant coming up with this plan AFTER my daughter fell out of the bed).  In any event, the problem is solved... no more kids falling out of bed (just poor little stuffed animals falling between the bed and the wall to lie with the dust bunnies)!!  Sleep tight little ones!


Anonymous said...

ah the big girl bed. we definitely have this to look forward to!

thanks for following alabaster cow :)

Barbie said...

I remember when my kids first went to their toddler beds, I would lay awake all night waiting for them to fall out of the bed! Out of 4 kids, I think only one of them fell out of the bed, maybe once or twice.

Daniele said...

my 2 year old is still in her crib that will convert to a toddler bed....we are waiting for her to climb out too before she graduates :) I'm afraid she'll fall out too, that gap between the panels is pretty big!

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