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Saturday, April 17, 2010

No more naps!

   For the past week, my toddler has decided she no longer wants to take a nap.  She just turned 2 less than a month ago and now she wants nothing to do with napping during the day.  Her busy, growing mind and body have too much going on to possibly be interested in a boring much needed nap.
   Now really, at this point, naps were as much for her as they were for me... my sanity almost depends on it!  That was my mommy time, away from the terrible two's; my break from her non-stop 'Go.. Go.. Go' personality.  So I am devastated by this new development!  And no matter what I try- another story, soft music, more stuffed animals in her bed- she will not give in and fall asleep.  So, for now, she is winning the battle of the wills... but I am putting her to bed earlier at night (who's winning now, huh?!).


Elizabeth said...

Ewwww, I don't like the no naps stage. My middle son's been in it for a year now. He's also been in bed by 7pm for a year now too. Ha.

Julie said...

There with ya. I love nap time.
BTW grabbed you button, your on my Blog side bar now :0)

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