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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shopping with 3 kids (under the age of 5)...

   Well it isn't easy I'll tell ya that!  We went out as a family Friday afternoon and it seemed the rest of the city was out shopping as well.  Of course, shopping on any holiday weekend isn't recommended, but there we were out in the crowds anyway!

We still had to find 1) Easter outfits, 2) basket stuffers, & 3) dessert for dinner on Sunday.  Yeah, we pretty much still needed everything!  And it seems whenever we go shopping, as soon as we get to the store, a certain someone (ahem, 4 yr. old) says "I'm hungry".

So we wind up using precious time having to fill belly's before we can even do any actual shopping.  And by the end of the shopping trip, we never seem to have accomplished everything we set out to do. 

So what do you suppose I'm doing on Saturday?  Why shopping (again!) of course, and by golly I will remember everything I have to get... I hope!



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