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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weekend Plans

Well this was supposed to be my first Weekend Wind Down post but I couldn't get the MckLinky list to work (SIGH) so I'm a little bummed.  :(  But here's my post anyway and hopefully I'll have it figured out by next weekend!

Well first off, our plans for this weekend hopefully include lots of sleep!  Ok I wrote this yesterday and NO I did not sleep in, I was up at 8:30am.  With staying up late blogging I have felt pretty cranky throughout the day lately.  Also our weather here for this weekend is supposed to be rainy (perfect sleep-in weather).  So after a long night of sleep (NOT), I'll be heading to the local library with my oldest daughter.  We visited last week during National Library Week and entered in their book giveaways.  Well to my surprise they called us a couple days ago and said my 4 year old's name had been drawn!  How excited was she!  So we'll be picking up the books she won, returning some of the ones we have here now, and getting different ones to keep my 2 year old interested.  I have also been wanting to start a new book but haven't had much luck with finding one (I like authors like Dean Koontz). Ok, I ended up getting 3 for myself and will post later if they're blog-worthy.
After the library, we'll of course come home for lunch and then probably spend the afternoon coloring & playing games... and of course reading our new books!  At some point this weekend, either Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon, we'd like to take the girls to the YMCA.  We've gone one other time as a whole family and it was quite a feat!  Thank God for lifeguards 'cause we had 3 young kids in the water with 2 adults.  It worked out fine though, I held the baby and my hubby had our 2 yr. old.  Our oldest had on a life vest and we made sure she stayed close to at least one of us.  Well we didn't go today so hopefully tomorrow afternoon.

In between those accomplishments, I'd like to just be able to keep up with the daily 'blah'- dishes and laundry!  Oh, and maybe the hubby and I can finally watch the movie Avatar (I know we're about the last people on the planet to watch it).  Well for now, I'm off to bed... hopefully my weekend goes as planned.  Umm, NOPE!


Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Let me know if you figure out how to keep up with all the laundry too - cause I am waayy behind!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I need more sleep too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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