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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Join the After Party!

I know, as if the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 itself, hosted by 5 Minutes For Mom, wasn't insane enough... now they're having an After Party!  I am so glad I started blogging when I did- being a part of the UBP made my intro into the blogging community so much fun.  I had an awesome time this past week blog hopping through the wee hours of the night (um, is 4am too late to be blogging).  And yes, after my first night I did feel like I had a 'blog hangover', as another blogger put it so well, but it was all worth it!  And I think I may be addicted to Smore's Pop Tarts (that was my 'midnight snack' throughout the week, though sometimes it was eaten at 1 or 2am).  But I met so many fabulous bloggers with amazing sites, below is just a small peek at some blogs worth checking out:


Barbie said...

I am going to run over and check out those blogs! I am still blog hopping. I don't think it will ever end!

Tree said...

Happy After Party! It was great connecting with all of these awesome blogs! Thanks for stopping by mine too. :)

kristy said...

I found ur blog thru the UBP. i know i am so late on this, but i am having so much fun. thanks i'll be back. and who knows might even start mine own blog someday

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