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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Feedback

For those that can remember my old blog background & header... is this new one easier to read, cuter, less distracting, etc.?  Or should I put back up the original ones?  I do need to edit the header colors, but other than that I'm kind of torn...
I'd love any feedback... whether you like or dislike it!
Thanks so much for the feedback... I decided to keep the original header but with the new background for now.  :)


Rachel said...

I can read this one great!

I love the flower divider.


Angie said...

Honestly...I liked the old header...your blog is very colorful and has a lot going on(busy)...The flower divider you did have before, and it is super cute! I have been thinking about giving my blog a makeover too...but every time I try a new background I change it back to plain :) Good for you for trying something new!

Susan said...

Hi Susie,
This new header is cute, but I loved the other one with the old fashioned bowls better. Bird of a feather I guess! :)

Barbie said...

I think I prefer the old one better!

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