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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Timeout for Mommy!

   There are some days in raising 3 young girls that I feel like pulling my hair out or banging my head against a wall... about 500 times!!  And it's times like these when putting a child in timeout is just not enough.  The only thing that takes the stress away is to put yourself into timeout!  I've learned that it's okay (as long as kids are safe) to walk away and close myself into another room.  Just to take a short break, a breather... anything so I don't explode!

   My girls are my life & I love them beyond anything I could ever imagine but I tell you- they seem to know just how to push my buttons!  The oldest two don't know how to share and are always fighting over toys, the youngest needs to be held on an almost constant basis & doesn't take naps.  She's a cat-napper which makes it really hard to get anything done during the day.  So there are days, like earlier today, when I go into the bathroom or bedroom & shut the door.  The kids are safely in the baby-proofed living room watching Dora (or some other kid-friendly program)... and I am getting my sanity back!   


FeliciaE said...

I am all about mommy time outs and it seems the closer to the end of summer the more I need them.
I was blessed with two girls who are very independent and don't seem to mind so much that mommy runs away for a bit. Either that are they just follow me into the bathroom. I swear if I could get a moments privacy in this house I would die.

your newest follower via CM.

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