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Thursday, April 15, 2010

TBS- No, not the tv channel

   Trikes, Bikes, & Strollers- they were everywhere today!  With the weather as beautiful as it was (sunny & mild) many people headed outdoors, including our family.  We had a wonderful afternoon with our 3 kiddos.  We started in the backyard- swings, slide, sidewalk chalk; then decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood before dinner.

   The baby was in the stroller looking absolutely adorable in her sun hat.  The toddler on her princess tricycle that she just got for her 2nd Birthday, and our big girl (4 yrs. old) on her Dora bike, still with the training wheels on but getting more courageous every day. 

   The kids loved getting out of the house and the hubby and I enjoyed some quality time together strolling with our 3 princesses.  And the added benefits, besides the fresh air:  the girls were hungry when we got back to the house so they ate all their dinner, and the baby ended up falling asleep on the stroll so she took a nice long nap (which she rarely does since she is my cat napper, but the walk put her right out).  I think we'll be making these neighborhood strolls, at the least, a weekly family event, now that the weather has finally warmed up.  Tomorrow's forecast:  Mostly sunny & 77°


Daniele said...

hey sounds like us here in Chicago, we're having some really warm days...getting out for walks with our girls too and tbs everywhere ;)

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