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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Baskets...

Want to go green & save some green this Easter?  Try filling your kids basket with recycled paper instead of the plastic Easter grass from the stores.  Shred colorful junk mail, flyers, & old school papers  for an eco-friendly basket lining.  For your eggs why not skip the chemical dyes & use different colored foods to dye eggs?  Or even use some old silk ties to make some creative and beautiful Easter eggs.  I used neckties my hubby no longer wore, then wrapped them with a piece of old t-shirt, and secured with a rubber band.  Boil with vinegar and voila... unique & stylish Easter eggs.  And forget all that sugar candy, opt for healthier snacks & small toys/animals for your kids to play with.  However you choose to celebrate Easter, have fun and cherish the moments with loved ones!


Amiee said...

I never thought to use shredded paper, but I did use wadded up tissue paper instead of grass. We have pets, and Easter grass is not an option since our cat ate some a few years back. Let's just say....not something I want to have repeated = S

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