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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cleaning 101

Ok so I'm not quite a neat freak, and no my house isn't spotless, but I want to become more scheduled with my cleaning routine.  Some of these I do already... and some I plan to start doing.  I have found that if I start the day off on the right foot it carries into the rest of the day & sometimes the rest of the week.  I also feel more peaceful and relaxed to have the house neat & tidy.  So take a peek and see if there's something you can start implementing into your daily routine.  I think if you start with one at a time then slowly build onto each one, eventually you'll be in the habit of doing them daily and can enjoy your household a little more.

  1. Make the bed first thing in the morning
  2. Clean the counters & kitchen sink before bed
  3. Do the dishes/ load dishwasher before bed
  4. Unload dishrack/dishwasher in the morning
  5. Sweep floors before bed

I think just doing those 5 seemingly simple tasks regularly, can smooth the transition into the rest of your cleaning regiment and result in a more relaxed YOU.  Because who wants to wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes?!  And hopefully it'll allow me to get a schedule for doing the laundry as well.  I'm going to start picking a couple specific days a week, with a blocked off time frame just for washing & drying, then another time frame for folding & putting away.  Of course sometimes life will get in the way... and that's okay too.  Happy Cleaning!!



Susan said...

Love these simple tips Susie. I truly enjoy entering a clean and tidy kitchen in the morning. It's like starting the day 'fresh'.

Susan said...

Yes! I do these exact things too Susie and it makes me feel much better. I go to bed feeling like I've accomplished something and wake up ready to accomplish more. Great ideas!

Susan said...

Excellent post! I do these things too and it makes for a much cleaner and less cluttered space.

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