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Friday, March 4, 2011

Lost... but not found!

So it seems when I go to the store lately, that I end up coming home with more and less stuff at the same time.  More because I'm generally buying groceries or other necessary items, but less because we've lost an item the last two times we've been to the store!

First it was Curls taking off her headband and somehow losing it.  The second time was my littlest taking off her sock and dropping it somewhere along the way. Yes, she's still in the phase where she likes to take everything off her feet.
And each time I've noticed the items were missing only minutes later, but when I go to look for it... it's nowhere to be found!  And I've even asked up at customer service after I'm done checking out, but no luck there either.

So if you ever shop in the Meijer by me and see a blue headband or pink & white striped sock, could you return it to me please?  ;)


Sarah, Arik and Avas Mommy, said...

Hehehe... that bare footie is just too cute!!!

Kathy said...

We have lost our share of headbands and hair clips too! Baseball hats also have a way of disappearig and you would think they are big enough that someone (meaning my kids) would notice! Thanks for the laugh! Love the bare toe shot, very, very, cute!

KimD said...

Oh girl I feel your pain! We lost a brown leather shoe...in IKEA! Advice: Don't go searching, it's a lost cause! Ikea gnomes grab up your items and run like heck with 'em!

Heather said...

Too cute! We lost one of my son's socks in the Chicago airport when he was 3 months old. Good thing that I brought another pair or his poor little feet would have been cold. I still carry an extra pair of socks in the diaper bag all the time for my kids, because you never know when you might loose one or they get wet at a fast food restaurant.

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